DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week – McLaren Elva Review: 1 of 149 Open Cockpit Supercar

McLaren – a name that sends shivers down your spine and sparks excitement as you recall their fantastic lineup of supercars and their illustrious motorsport journey. They’re renowned for crafting extraordinary race cars for the road, including the iconic F1, McLaren’s initial supercar unveiled in the 1990s. The key to their success in creating supercars is packing them with power while keeping them light, a formula consistently applied to all their vehicles.

In 2020, the brand decided to create a limited-edition supercar. Staying true to their winning formula of lightweight design and powerful performance, they introduced an unexpected twist to boost exclusivity. This particular supercar featured an open-cockpit design, reminiscent of the M1A from the 1960s, a creation of the legendary Bruce McLaren.

As McLaren enthusiasts and the entire automotive industry marvelled at this work of art, we seized the opportunity to take a closer look. In this week’s edition of DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week, we’re delving into the McLaren Elva. This is a scarce find, being one of just 149 ever produced, and it’s for sale in the UAE listed on Dubicars by Al Ain Class Motors.

Build & Exterior Design

The latest McLaren Elva is an incredibly fast, open-cockpit, high-performance two-seater featuring a custom carbon fibre chassis and body. The car is light because of the absence of a roof, windscreen, and side windows. Since it features an open-cockpit design, you can see the sleek two-seater cabin from the outside and the instrument cluster sticking out like it is an optional accessory, however, that is there to just deflect the windblast away from the driver.

Speaking of the windblast, on the bonnet you will see an arrangement of vents along with a retractable wall, which can be brought up by the driver to deflect the wind away from the driver. McLaren had to think of many ways to make the car safe without a windscreen, especially, if it is this fast. They have achieved this by harnessing the power of aerodynamics.

Other Exterior Features:

  • Carbon-Fibre Construction
  • Scissor Doors
  • Twin-Tip Exhaust
  • Rear Spoiler 
  • 20-inch Forged Wheels

Dark Art Of Aerodynamics

The McLaren Elva showcases the Active Air Management System (AAMS), which is perfectly integrated into its aerodynamics and cooling functionality. When the AAMS is inactive, the central duct redirects airflow to low-temperature radiators, enhancing their cooling efficiency. Positioned in front of each front wheel, these radiators contribute to the 804bhp power output by reducing charge air temperature and cooling the transmission oil.

Cooling air captured by the front ducts is directed to these radiators ahead of the rear wheels, enhancing powertrain cooling. The full-width active rear spoiler adjusts height and angle simultaneously to optimize aero balance, aiding in improved braking from high speeds. The active rear spoiler also functions as an airbrake, enhancing braking performance, with its operation range varying based on AAMS activity.

Interior Features

On the inside, you’ll see carbon fibre used everywhere including the arm that holds the touchscreen infotainment. The two-seater layout is decked in Full Aniline leather that blends well with the carbon fibre elements on the inside. The cabin only has what is needed to keep it light. What is surprising is a climate control system that is mounted lower than usual to provide comfort for both occupants. Also, at the end of the instrument cluster, there is a seamlessly integrated toggle switch on either side to help with suspension and drive mode setup.

Other Interior Features:

  • 8-inch Infotainment 
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Optional Audio System
  • Racing Seats

Engine & Performance

Now that we spoke about the lightness, let now get to the power under the bonnet. The McLaren Elva is powered by a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for seamless shifts.

Max Power804hp
Peak Torque800Nm
Power to Weight Ratio634bhp/tonne
0 to 100km/h2.8 seconds
0 to 200km/h6.8 seconds
Top Speed326km/h

The agile and lightweight Elva is also equipped with active suspension and a steering wheel with incredible feedback to feel the road around the bends. Further, the Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres and McLaren’s Variable Drift control setting provide seamless hardware and electronic support to extract the maximum from this incredible supercar.

The McLaren Elva will make you feel special just by standing next to it and once you sit inside and trod on the loud pedal, the feeling is next to nothing and as we mentioned earlier ‘Spine Tingling’. Having one of 149 cars in the world further adds to the exclusivity and will prove to be an important car for collectors in the years to come. Find this particular McLaren Elva decked in racing yellow for sale in the UAE listed on DubiCars by Al Ain Class Motors.

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