MG5 & MG GT History: Generations Of The Affordable, Efficient & Stylish Made-In-China Sedan

The MG5, a compact car produced by the iconic British automotive marque MG, has evolved significantly over its two generations. Known for effortlessly combining style, performance, efficiency, and affordability, the MG5 has made its mark in the global automotive market. 

Launched in 2012, SAIC Motor produces the MG5 at its factories in Nanjing, China, and Laem Chabang, Thailand. In this Car Spotlight article, we take a closer look at the history, generations, features, and more of the MG5. 

MG Heritage & Origins Of The MG5

Before delving into the MG5, it’s essential to understand the heritage of MG (Morris Garages). Established in the 1920s, MG quickly became synonymous with affordable sports cars, known for their spirited performance and classic British design. Over the decades, MG went through several ownership changes, impacting its production and market strategy.


Starting from 2005, Chinese state-owned car manufacturer SAIC Motor began acquiring MG and all rights to the brand. By 2007, MG had become a subsidiary of SAIC and this dictated its product strategy. All of MG’s current production models including the MG5, are based on Chinese cars. 


The MG5 was developed on the same platform as the Roewe 350. As a result, it turned into an extremely affordable car thanks to the economies of scale at which it is produced.

First Generation MG5 | 2012 – 2018

At the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, the MG Concept 5 was revealed. This was the concept car on which the MG5 would be based. The production variant was revealed soon after and it went into production in 2012. It was available in hatchback and sedan body styles.


Under the bonnet, it featured an efficient 1.5-litre inline-4 engine producing 107hp and 135Nm. A turbocharged 127hp & 210Nm version of this engine was released in 2013. The first-generation MG5 was designed to cater to young, urban buyers looking for an affordable yet stylish compact car. While it did manage all of that, the Chinese design language was quite obvious. This was addressed with the launch of the second generation. 

Roewe i5 & MG5 | 2017 – Present

In 2017, SAIC Motor launched the Roewe i5, the successor to the Roewe 350 on which the first-gen MG5 was based. While it was named i5 in the Chinese Domestic market, MG rebadged it and exported it to several markets as the MG5. 


It is powered by the same 1.5-litre inline-4 naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engine options as the first-gen MG5. However, it was larger in size, both inside and out. In addition, it also came with a longer list of features. This is the sedan that’s sold in the UAE as the MG5. 

Second Generation MG5 | 2020 – Present

The second generation MG5, launched in 2020, marked a significant leap forward in terms of design, technology, and market positioning. This generation was designed with a global audience in mind, aiming to compete more effectively in international markets.


It features a bold front grille, sleek LED headlights, and a more aerodynamic silhouette reminiscent of MG’s sports car history. The interior has also seen a substantial upgrade, with higher-quality materials, a more intuitive layout, and advanced technology integration. More advanced 1.5-litre NA & turbocharged engines power the sedan.


In 2014, MG launched a new compact sedan called the GT. A sporty and youthful design characterise it. Production of the MG GT ended in 2019. However, in several international markets, MG launched the second generation of the GT. The second-gen MG GT is basically a rebadged second-gen MG5. The second-gen MG5 is sold as the MG GT in the UAE and several other markets.

The second generation of the MG5 is its most popular generation in the UAE because of the affordability and efficiency offered by this sedan. The MG GT too is quite popular in the UAE because of its sporty and dynamic styling and its long list of features.

MG5 & MG GT Price In The UAE

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