Mini Clubman Production Ends: Discontinued After 17 Years

The iconic Mini Clubman, with its instantly recognizable silhouette and signature split rear doors, has rolled off the production line for the last time. After a remarkable 55-year journey, the Clubman’s production has officially ended at Mini Plant Oxford, marking a significant chapter in the brand’s history.


The Clubman’s story began in 1969, building upon the success of the classic Mini and offering increased space and practicality. Over three generations, the Clubman evolved to embody Mini’s signature blend of style, agility, and functionality. 

From the innovative Clubdoor to the all-wheel-drive Clubman ALL4, each generation brought something new and exciting to the table. Here is the timeline:

  • 1969: The original Mini Clubman debuts, blending practicality with the classic Mini design.
  • 1982: Production ends after nearly 600,000 units are built.
  • 2007: The modern Mini Clubman is reborn, retaining key features like the split doors.
  • 2013: The Mini Clubvan arrives, offering a premium delivery van option.
  • 2015: The third generation grows in size and introduces new features like all-wheel drive.
  • 2023: The Final Edition celebrates the Clubman’s legacy with limited-production units.
  • 2024: Production ends, making way for new electric Mini models.

Since its introduction more than 1.1 million Mini Clubman models have been produced, with half of these made at Mini Plant Oxford.

Mini Clubman Final Edition

mini clubman

In 2023, Mini celebrated the Clubman’s legacy with the limited-edition “Final Edition” model. Featuring exclusive design elements like a Shimmer Copper grille and 1,969 units commemorating the original launch year, the Final Edition served as a fitting tribute to this beloved car.

What’s Next?

While the Clubman’s production has ended, Mini’s journey continues. The brand is now fully focused on its electric future, with the recent launches of the all-electric Mini Cooper SE and the new Mini Countryman PHEV.

The upcoming Aceman is supposedly the replacement for the Clubman. It is a five-door electric crossover, debuting in April 2024. The Aceman will be Mini’s first EV-only model, initially produced in China. This is a direct result of BMW’s partnership with Great Wall Motors.

From 2026, Oxford Plant will take over production. Though different in style, the Aceman caters to the market’s shift towards EVs and SUVs, reflecting Mini’s commitment to going all-electric by 2030. 

While the Clubman leaves its mark, the Aceman paves the way for a future where Mini embraces electric mobility without sacrificing its brand identity.

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