Mountune add extra power to 2016 Ford Focus RS

Are you still on the rocks about buying a 2016 Ford Focus RS? Is it because it only produces a mega 350 horsepower from a four cylinder 2.3-litre petrol motor? If that is the case and you’re actually holding out for one with additional hp you may have to wait longer than you think or do you?

British tuning house Mountune may be able to help you out in this department as they have a rich history when it comes to tuning Ford products and they do such an excellent job, Ford themselves have recognised the company as a go-to business for an extra kick.

Mountune already has one package available for the hot hatch inclusive of exclusive air-intakes, shorter gear shifts via the manual transmission and extra protection and struts around the engine to reduce it’s heart from moving as much.

No additional power is added, and that is why the British firm has unleashed another package into the hands of power freaks. By giving Mountune or one of their subsidiaries your 2016 Ford Focus RS, they’ll crank that 350 hp 2.3-litre motor up a notch or two, and you’ll receive an additional 20 horsepower. With the package installed, 0-100 km/h drops from 4.7 seconds to 4.5! While top speed remains the same at 266 km/h.

Opting for the package, customers receive a high-performance air filter, re-tuned ECU, unique alloy crossover duct with high-performance silicon hoses and other bits and pieces.

No price or availability is known at the time of writing as development is still taking place at various race tracks around the world. This could also lead to additional packages being made available during this generation of RS models.

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