New Zenvo Aurora Launched In The UAE: Limited To 100 Units

Danish hypercar manufacturer, Zenvo and the Elite Cars have launched the Aurora Agil and Tur in the UAE at a starting price of around AED 11 -12 Million. The launch event was held at the Atlantis Royal in Dubai.

The production of the Zenvo Aurora hybrid hypercar is limited to 100 units in total. At the event, the brand announced that 50 of the total 100 units have been booked and at least one of them might soon be seen on the streets of Dubai. Zenvo will start the Aurora’s production in 2025 and deliveries will begin in 2026.

Engine & Transmission

As mentioned earlier, the Zenvo Aurora is offered in two distinctive variants. Both Agil and Tur use the same 6.6-litre quad-turbo V12 engine developed by MAHLE. The engine is paired with a seven-speed gearbox. And this is where the similarities end on both variants in terms of powertrain.

The Agil uses a rear-wheel-drive setup and a single electric motor complimenting the monstrous engine. On the other hand, the Tur has three motors: 2 on the front axle & 1 on the rear axle. It also features an all-wheel drive setup. The three-electric-motor setup is an optional upgrade for the Agil.

Hybrid Hypercar Performance

Zenvo Aurora Agil Performance Figures:

Max Power1,450bhp
Peak Torque1,400Nm
0 to 100kmph2.5 seconds
0 to 300km/h10 seconds
Top Speed365kmph
Power To Weight Ratio1.1 hp/kg

Zenvo Aurora Tur Performance Figures:

Max Power1,850bhp
Peak Torque1,700Nm
0 to 100kmph2.3 seconds
0 to 300km/h9 seconds
Top Speed450kmph
Power To Weight Ratio1.17 hp/kg

Suspension, Brakes & Tyres

Both variants of the Zenvo Aurora have similar mechanicals. This includes:

Exterior Design

The Aurora series uses a complete carbon-fire construction with an all-new ZM1 modular monocoque design.

  • The Agil features a more track-focused bare-bones design and a large rear wing for enhanced downforce
  • While the Tur features smoother lines and design to help cut through the air easily. 
  • Both feature gull-wing doors, and magnesium center-locking wheels adding to the overall look.

Interior, Technology & Features

In terms of interiors, the Aurora twins feature a minimalist design. You will not find any centre-stacked screen or a centre console. What you will find is a functional cabin that is focused on saving weight. 

The Agil features ultra-lightweight upholstery for seats and interior elements to provide function over comfort. The Tur, on the other hand, features a luxurious cabin with high-quality materials and enhanced soundproofing for a quieter experience.

new zenvo aurora tur

Both feature a small screen integrated into one of the three dials in the instrument cluster. This takes care of the technological and entertainment needs.

Most manufacturers are using hybrid technology to make their cars efficient. However, Zenvo has used it in the Aurora just to make it as fast as possible. The fact that these are just limited to 100 units in total makes the Aurora twins that much more desirable.

Mr Jens Sverdrup, Chairman of the Board and CCO of Zenvo, said, “We are thrilled to be unveiling the Zenvo Aurora for the first time in the UAE market with our partners The Elite Cars. The new model is best described as an equilibrium of extremes. We just wanted to build an uncompromised driver’s car, which delivered on every level, but without any one aspect negatively impacting another. The outcome has given us two models, which complement each other, deliver true driving pleasure and, almost as a byproduct, offer incredible performance.”

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