Radars to catch unsafe drivers in poor visibility conditions

Abu Dhabi rain

Starting today (7/4/2019), Abu Dhabi Police will fine drivers caught speeding in poor weather conditions and road users who do not keep a safe distance between the driver in front of them.

In the event of sandy or foggy weather, motorists will receive an SMS from the Department of Transport notifying them of the volatile weather. Messages warning drivers will also appear on electric signboards.

When road visibility drops below 2,000m, the speed limit will be dropped to 80 km/h. Motorists who do not slow down or do not keep a safe distance will incur a fine.

As per the UAE federal traffic law, drivers caught exceeding the speed limit by 30 km/h will be handed an AED 600 fine, AED 700 for speeding 40 km/h over the limit and AED 1,000 if caught speeding 50 km/h over the designated limit.

Once the tricky conditions clear and visibility returns to normal, motorist should adhere to the speed limits posted on the roads’ traffic sign.

Image credit: The National

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