The process for Golden Visa holders to obtain a Dubai driving license just got easier

If you’re a lucky recipient of the UAE’s sought-after Golden Visa, getting a driving license in Dubai has just got easier. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority announced that if you do have a Golden Visa (lucky you!) and you’d like to swap your country’s driving license for a Dubai one, you can now skip the mandatory lessons that are usually required to get a driving license in Dubai.

*32 countries are already exempt from this rule, but drivers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and more will benefit from this announcement

To obtain a driving license, Gold Visa holders need to present their previous driving license that’s been approved in their own country, and the RTA will issue a new form at any driving institute located around the city. Eligible drivers, who are above the legal age and medically fit to apply now just need to pass the knowledge and road test, they do not need to attend driving classes. Learn more about the service and fee structure here

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