The rising cost of fuel in the UAE and how to avoid it

Rise in Fuel prices

Over the last 15 months, the cost of filling my truck has increased by 100%”

In a region that’s traditionally cheap on fuel, big cars are big business. It’s not uncommon for many families to have two cars with one usually being a larger SUV/Jeep type, a brilliant people carrier, and an even better fuel guzzler.

In just over a year, the UAE has seen the price of fuel rise dramatically, with the price hikes from May-June causing the latest chatter, with fuel rising across the board:

  • Super 98: AED4.15 (from AED3.66 in May)
  • Special 95: AED4.03 (from 3.55 in May)
  • Diesel: AED4.14 (from 4.08 in May)
  • E-plus 91: AED3.96 (from 3.48 in May)

Even if it’s just an increase of 50 fils in places, when you’re filling a big car, or doing a lot of mileage which means continuous trips to the gas station, this increase has impacted the community at large. It has a massive impact on all people living in this country. Many people are evaluating their finances, looking where to cut costs, thinking about shorter distances to cover, searching for more economical cars and what not to save up on fuel prices. Downsizing seems to arguably be the most popular choice right now. A smaller engine massively decreases petrol consumption. Which in turn equals to massive cost savings. A win on both corners. But these aren’t the only ways to tackle such a circumstance. And so, in a region that’s famously cheap on fuel, car owners are now taking a moment to consider the impact the rise of fuel is having on their bank balance, which has led to some interesting trends, unseen before in the region.

A Dubai resident reported that in one year if he follows the same fuel trajectory pattern, the cost of fuel in his car will increase by AED16,000… AED16,000! And so, these price hikes are forcing drivers to look at cost-cutting ways, and in some cases, people are even downsizing their cars. The trend for downsizing is on the rise and in the last month alone, Dubi Cars has seen a 50% increase in V6 and V8s arriving from private sellers. If you’re the owner of a larger engine vehicle and you’re thinking of downsizing, do it quickly. Right now, it’s a seller’s market, but soon, supply may outstrip demand

How to beat the rise of fuel 

Apart from downsizing or searching out more economical cars, did you know that HOW you drive can actually affect fuel usage?

So if you’re looking to curb your costs of fuel, try some of these tips; 

  • Cut down on aggressive driving 
    • Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking wastes petrol, so use that cruise control to help control your consumption. 
  • Keep your car well maintained and running smoothly
    • Keep those types pumped up – Underinflated tyres can lead to more friction on the road, which uses more gas consumption. So, If all your tires are underinflated by 10 psi, this could reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%.
  • Use your engine wisely
    • Don’t leave your car running when you’re not driving
    • Use Cruise Control (if you have it) and overdrive gears 
  • Be smart about driving
    • Plan errands so you do them all together, rather than on separate trips, not only saving time but saving fuel! 
    • Carpool to school/work so you can split the cost or split the mileage with the lesser trips. 
  • Cut down on AC (yup, this makes a difference!)
    • Only use the AC when you absolutely have to and keep the temp on a low setting
    • Park in a shaded area to reduce your reliance on AC, and don’t turn your AC on BEFORE you drive. The system will work faster when your car is actually driving
  • Downsizing
    • A smaller engine will significantly reduce your petrol consumption and save you big dirhams, it’s simple maths!
    • Calculate the change: If your vehicle does 15MPG (miles per gallon), and you downsize to a car that does 30MPG, you will reduce your bill by 50% a year – which could equal a saving of AED16k… PER YEAR! This will also reduce your carbon footprint, it’s a win-win.
Downsizing cars

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