Volvo Diesel Car Production To End By 2024: Plans For A Complete Electric Car Line-up By 2030

Committing to a greener and more sustainable future, Volvo has announced plans to phase out the production of all diesel-powered cars by early 2024. This remarkable decision aligns with the Swedish automaker’s ambitious roadmap, which aims to exclusively offer fully electric vehicles by 2030 and become a climate-neutral company by 2040.

Last year, Volvo divested its stake in Aurobay, a joint venture housing its remaining combustion engine assets. This kickstarted the plans for discontinuing diesel car production for the brand around the globe.

Volvo’s decision to exit the diesel market by 2024 highlights the rapid transformation in both the automotive industry and customer preferences in response to the climate crisis. Just four years ago, diesel engines were a dominant force around the world, but today, electrified cars, with fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrains, constitute the majority of Volvo’s sales.

This shift not only aligns with changing market dynamics but also contributes to better urban air quality. While diesel engines emit less CO2 compared to petrol engines, they release higher levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx), which adversely affects air quality, especially in urban areas.

Volvo’s electrification target is even more ambitious, and through their actions, they hope to inspire other companies to take bolder steps against climate change. By 2030 all cars sold by Volvo will be fully electric.

Jim Rowan, Chief Executive at Volvo Cars, emphasised the advantages of electric powertrains, stating, “Electric powertrains are our future, and superior to combustion engines: they generate less noise, less vibration, less servicing costs for our customers, and zero tailpipe emissions. This shift to electric vehicles is integral to Volvo’s response to climate change.”

To further underscore their commitment, Volvo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Anders Kärrberg, will participate in an event organised by the Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition at Climate Week NYC. This coalition, which aligns with the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Vehicles, aims to achieve 100% global new car and van sales free of tailpipe emissions by 2040, with leading markets achieving this goal by 2035.

Volvo Cars In The UAE

Volvo’s current car line-up sold in the UAE officially include:

Over the next couple of years, we can expect the XC60 and the XC90 to feature a fully electric powertrain for a complete EV line-up. Looking to buy a Volvo? Here are used Volvo cars for sale in the UAE and new Volvo cars for sale in the UAE.

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