5 game-changing products & services to help dealers

There was a silver lining to COVID. It gave us time to relook and reevaluate how our service can improve. We know that for long term success, providing you with the best possible service is crucial.

We listened to your needs and with that, we’re ready to announce some big changes at Dubi Cars.  But before we announce our future plans, we wanted to share 5 tech innovations already created to help revolutionise the online automotive space, making buying & selling cars on our platform even easier. 

5. Control Auto

If you’re a dealer, this SaaS platform should be part of your life. It was specifically created for automotive retailers and helps you manage and edit car listings across multiple apps. It’s the only dealer SaaS platform in the region that has been designed for the region and now with our integration with Instagram and our new and improved upload process (get ready for this) we are going to save you even more time and drive more quality leads. 

4. Finance Search

We were the first to market with our finance search feature. This function allows consumers to search for cars via monthly instalments, answering the needs of over 60% of the market who purchase cars by finance. Our new search functionality makes car finance even easier for the consumer, so get ready for more finance leads.

Export Safe

3. Export Safe

Working in partnership with you, we are the online market leader for the export market. Our new service, ExportSafe, takes our proposition to a new level ensuring the UAE becomes the number 1 online destination for safely and easily buying cars across the world.

Since launching ExportSafe we have supported our dealers in selling cars to happy consumers in over 50 countries! You can now search for cars in USD and get instant shipping quotes, providing an easier opportunity for international expansion for UAE dealers.

2. Current and comprehensive data reports

Work with Dubi Cars and you’ll get real-time data (as we believe in complete transparency) in an in-depth monthly reporting that gives you real insight into how to improve your business online to support your decision-making on stock purchase, listings performance, and market trends. But worry not, if you’re burning the midnight oil, we have an ‘always on’ feature, meaning the data is instantly accessible 24-7

1. Dealer websites

Your website is your online dealership and we have made it our mission to ensure all our dealers have a quality website for free. Not only that, it links seamlessly to Control Auto, so your stock is always up to date and displayed beautifully.

Being innovative, honest and transparent is at the heart of what we do and we look forward to announcing more innovations in the months to come!

Your success is our business.

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