A Detailed Guide On How To Get Flood Damaged Car Insurance Claims

Flooding is a potential threat to car owners in the UAE, particularly during the rainy season. While not as common as accidents, flood damage can be devastating and expensive. Understanding how car insurance handles such situations is crucial.

Types Of Car Insurance

  • Third-Party Liability (Mandatory Minimum): This basic coverage is mandatory in the UAE. It covers damage caused to others (vehicles or property) by your car but doesn’t cover your vehicle for any reason, including floods.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This optional insurance offers broader protection, including damage to your car caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters (potentially including floods).

Flood Coverage For Cars In Comprehensive Insurance

  • Not all comprehensive plans automatically cover flood damage. Read your policy wording meticulously. Look for terms like “Acts of God” or “natural disasters” that might encompass floods.
  • Some insurers offer flood damage as an add-on to a comprehensive policy. This increases the premium but provides guaranteed coverage for flood events. Read this linked article to know how to protect your car from flood damage.

Claiming For Flood Damage Cars

flood damaged car insurance
  • If your car suffers flood damage, document everything. Take pictures and videos of the damage, the surrounding floodwaters, and any debris.
  • A police complaint is necessary. Dubai police started providing a new online service where people can apply for the ‘To Whom It May Concern’ certificate online. These certificates can be used for insurance claims.
  • Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. They will guide you through their specific claim process.
  • The insurance company might ask for details about the event, your car’s location during the flood, and any previous flood damage history.

Reasons For Rejection Of Flood Damaged Car Insurance Claims 

Several factors can lead to an insurance claim rejection for a flood damaged car in the UAE:

  • The mandatory minimum coverage in the UAE doesn’t cover any damage to your car, including floods. Ensure you have comprehensive insurance for flood damage coverage.
  • Even with comprehensive coverage, meticulously read your policy wording. Some policies might explicitly exclude flood damage under clauses like “Acts of God” exclusions with specific exceptions mentioned.
  • Every insurance company has a timeframe to report a claim. Not informing them within the specified window (usually 24-48 hours) can lead to rejection.
  • For a strong claim, document everything. Take pictures and videos of the flood damage to your car, the surrounding area, and any debris. A police report, if applicable, strengthens your case.
  • Attempting to start a flooded car can cause significant engine damage due to water entering sensitive components. This will result in the rejection of the claim.
  • Don’t get your car repaired before the insurance company inspects the damage. Doing so might invalidate your claim.
  • Generally, unavoidable flood damage, like a parked car submerged in a sudden downpour, is covered. However, if you leave your car in a known flood-prone area during a warning or park it in a low-lying spot, the insurer might reject the claim due to negligence.
  • Some insurers might reject claims if the car has a history of flood damage, especially if not properly repaired.
  • Flooding while parked is covered if you have flood damage coverage, but driving into flooded areas is not usually covered.

Additional Tips

flood damaged car insurance
Dirty transport motorized vehicle damaged car interior after flood or heavy rain
  • As weather patterns can change, flood risks might evolve. Review your car insurance policy yearly to ensure your coverage remains adequate.
  • If you live in a flood-prone area, consider adding flood damage as an add-on for peace of mind.
  • During periods of heavy rain or flash flood warnings, avoid parking your car in low-lying areas or areas known to flood. Read the linked article to know what to do with a car damaged by the flood.

UAE car owners can be flood-ready by understanding their insurance coverage and taking proactive measures. Remember, claim procedures vary, always contact your insurer for more details.

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