A Detailed Guide On How To Protect Your Car From Flooding

Floods can be devastating, and your car is not immune.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk of flood damage, both before a flood event and during one. Here’s a comprehensive guide to keeping your car safe in various flood scenarios:

Before the Flood

  • Park Smart: When possible, park your car in a high-ground location, like a garage on an incline or a designated flood-safe zone. This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of your car getting submerged.
  • Floodproofing Your Garage: Consider floodproofing measures if you park in a garage. Seal gaps around doors and openings using waterproofing compounds. This can help prevent floodwater from entering your garage.
  • Insurance: Having comprehensive car insurance with flood coverage is crucial. It can provide financial aid for repairs or replacement in case of flood damage.

When a Flood Warning is Issued

protect car from floods
  • Move Your Car: If there’s time, relocate your car to higher ground. Public parking garages or a friend’s driveway on higher ground are good options.
  • Temporary Flood Barriers: If moving isn’t possible, create a temporary barrier around your car using sandbags or water dams. This can help block floodwater from reaching the car.
  • Disconnect The Battery: Floodwater can damage electrical components. Disconnecting the battery can help prevent short circuits.

During A Flood

  • It can be tempting to drive through seemingly shallow water, but you never know the depth or current. Avoid flooded roads altogether. Find alternate routes or wait for the water to recede.
  • If you encounter rising floodwater while driving, abandon your car immediately and seek higher ground on foot. Never try to outrun a flood.

Additional Tips

  • If you live in a flood-prone area, consider investing in flood ramps or car stands. These can elevate your car above potential floodwater levels.
  • While not a foolproof solution, a high-quality waterproof car cover can offer some protection from light rain or splashes during a flood.
  • Pay attention to weather forecasts and flood warnings issued by local authorities. This will give you time to prepare and take necessary precautions.

Flood Damaged Car Insurance

protect car from floods
  • Third-party liability (mandatory) won’t help with flood damage.
  • This optional coverage protects against floods, fire, theft, and more.
  • Check coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions for flood events.
  • Prioritise safety, document damage, and file a claim with your insurer.
  • Insurance may repair or declare the car a total loss based on damage severity.
  • If flood-prone area, comprehensive insurance is wise.
  • Review your policy regularly: Ensure coverage reflects your current needs.
  • Some insurers offer additional flood-specific protection.

What To Do With Flood Damaged Cars

Flood damage on your car requires immediate action to prevent further issues. Don’t attempt to start the engine and prioritize drying the interior. For a detailed guide on recovery steps and repairs, check out this article on what to do with a flood-damaged car.

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