7 tips when buying a new car in UAE

Buying a new car in UAE is not easy. With over 60 brands to choose from and 1,000’s of cars popping up for sale every day, there’s a lot to choose from and some incredible deals out there. But before you rush out there, we’ve got a few tips for you to bear in mind.

Online portals like Dubicars do make the buying process easier by showing you new and used cars for sale all over the Emirates.

By new car, we don’t mean a vehicle that has never been driven with zero km on the clock and has never had a previous owner. By new car, we mean a replacement to your current car or a first time purchase.

Now let’s get into the guide


Before sealing the deal, before looking at a car, do your research on the vehicle or vehicles you are considering buying.

What to research beforehand;

  • Reliability
  • Known problems
  • Overall value
  • Is it the right car for you and your family

Take your time and don’t rush into a purchase even if it screams “AMAZING DEAL, CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, DON’T MISS OUT” as you could face issues further down the line.

Be sure to check out reviews as well to get a deeper insight into the vehicle.

Look around

You may have found the perfect car you, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking around and finding other potential purchases. Always look for an alternative or two just in case you find something you don’t like about your first choice.

With Dubicars you can Save your favourite cars in My Garage and view them all later. This is also a great place to organise cars you want to look at before making a final purchase

Get your finances in order

Before you start looking for a car, first ask yourself “can I afford this car?” Buying a car is not a small purchase.

On all listings, Dubicars gives you a finance calculator that you can use to calculate how much the car will cost over a certain amount of years.

Budget yourself correctly, and don’t overspend. Yes that GLC 63s AMG is nice, but the Toyota C-HR is more cost-effective.

Get a feel

Don’t get excited just yet, we know you’ve found your next car on Dubicars. Before putting down a down payment, go and check the car out.

Sit inside and feel if it fits you and your needs. You don’t want an uncomfortable car especially if you plan to use it a lot and on long journeys.

Check out other features. Are they in the right place? Do they all make sense? And most importantly, does it have what you want?

If you’re shopping around for a new car for your family, make sure your family fits in and won’t outgrow it in a matter of months.


Don’t be afraid to haggle. Just don’t offer the seller half of what they are asking.

If you’re buying from a dealership, ask them about any current car promotions they have running. They may not be able to lower the price, but can through in possible freebies including warranty and even deferred payments adding value to purchasing a car.

Haggling is normal when buying a car in the UAE.


As we mentioned earlier, deprecation is something you should always consider when buying a car.

As soon as you buy a car and put a few 100 km on the clock, the value of the vehicle drops.

In general, a vehicle that costs less to buy will depreciate slower compared to more expensive rides.

Here is a list of vehicles with slower depreciation in UAE;

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Ford

Cars that do not deprecate do exist but are rather expensive even when new. These tend to be hypercars, enthusiasts cars and cars with short or capped production runs.

Running costs

Petrol is still relatively cheap in the UAE compared to other countries but doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a 5.7-litre V8 SUV. Keep in mind that filling up is a weekly occurrence and can add up.

Maintenance is also something to keep a note of. Popular cars in the UAE maintenance prices aren’t as high as others due to parts being easier to find. But they can add up even if they are cheap.

European cars tend to be more expensive to maintain followed by American cars. Japanese, Korean and Chinese are the cheapest.

Oil changes, tyre rotation, wheel balance, a/c repair and tyre changing are all services that need to be addressed during car ownership.

And those are our top tips! Have you got any more tips to help your fellow car buyers out there or is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget, Dubicars has over 16,000 new cars and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

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