Abu Dhabi Police get serious with noisy cars!

Noisy vehicle UAE

Abu Dhabi Police has taken to social media to warn motorists the dangers of driving a noisy vehicle in the UAE.

Anyone caught driving a noisy car will be handed an AED 12,000 fine and 12 black points added to their license.

“Noisy vehicles generate noise pollution and hamper other drivers’ behaviour on the road, which causes accidents.” Explained LT. Col. Khalifa Al Khaili, director of the Traffic Control Department. “It may also cause the vehicle to deviate from its course and cause traffic accidents.”

Al Khaili called on all motorists to not cause a disturbance to other road users and residence by honking and excessive acceleration.

He also urged all road users not to use the horn in specific areas including schools and hospitals, and not to use it to attact the attention of other drivers to move out of the way. Doing so distracts them and can lead to accidents.

In Sharjah, radar’s have been installed to detect loud vehicles in the Emirate.

Similar radars have been installed in Abu Dhabi as well and are capable of snapping a picture of the licence plate of any vehicle exceeding 95 decibels.

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