Abu Dhabi’s new smart Patrol Car – smarter than the average patrol

Abu Dhabi’s Police Smart Patrol

Early this month, Abu Dhabi Police introduced Smart Patrol System in an effort to make the capital of the UAE safer to live and commute in.

The Smart Patrol System isn’t a new car added to the fleet to rival the Dubai Police Force. Instead, they’ve fitted a Nissan Patrol with a “smart bar” that sits atop the vehicle.

“We call this the ‘smart bar’, which will be deployed for smart patrol” an official stated. “It will be able to do facial recognition. We will get a notification if a wanted person is on the streets.”

Equipped with software and cameras, the system can detect unlawfully and wanted personal via face recognition and a lot more. Once the face has been scanned, the information is sent to the central operations department.

The Smart Patrol System is not operational as of writing and will be rolled out in the coming months in phases. “Not all vehicles will get the technology in the first phase” the officer stated.

Abu Dhabi Polices’ Smart Bar is not just for facial recognition. It can also scan license plates and detect if a car is wanted, speeding or violating traffic laws.

The capitals police force is working diligently to reduce mishaps and creating a smarter traffic system. Recently, they have also introduced the Smart Gate, which looks at the weather conditions and spots any violations.

Abu Dhabi Police have a wide range of tech incorporated into their force, including drones for traffic flow monitoring, Smart Towers to warn motorists commuting on the high ways via changing electronic messages and more.

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