Aston Martin to launch Lagonda as its own brand

Aston Martin Lagonda

Performance divisions may be an attractive route for manufacturers to expand into. Brands can also go a different route with their uber luxurious models having their own sub-brand. For example, Hyundai has Genesis, and soon Aston Martin will have Lagonda.

Aston Martin is expected to launch Lagonda’s first model by 2020. That is if you discount the ultra rare Lagonda Taraf. It’s suggested that two models will be available from the get-go. One will be a sedan that will presumably serve as a successor to the current Lagonda Taraf, and the other is said to be a crossover SUV.

Reports remain scare about the products; you can expect these models to be exquisitely luxurious both inside and out with state of the art safety features to create the complete package.

This is not the first time Aston Martin planned to launch a Lagonda lineup. In 2009, the British brand aimed to have the moniker applied to an SUV lineup. Unfortunately, plans were scrapped, and the name returned to adorn the previously mentioned Taraf.

As for the upcoming luxury division, CEO of Aston Martin, Andrew Palmer, suggested that not only will the brand bare a different badge but could also boast exclusive drivetrains not found in future Aston Maritn’s.

Additionally, Aston Martin has announced they will discontinue the petrol powered four-door Rapide in favour for an EV version instead with the potential of other electric models to follow soon afterwards.

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