Car Trims / Variants: Everything You Need To Know

Step into any car showroom, and you’ll be greeted by a dizzying array of choices. Beyond the model itself, each car comes in different trims – like layers of features stacked upon each other. But what exactly are these trims, and why do they matter? Buckle up as we navigate the world of car trims.

Before we delve into the guide on car trims, it’s important to note that the trims of a car are also referred to as variants depending on the country. In the UAE, some dealers use trims, and there are a few who use variants. However, these terms essentially refer to the same thing.

What Is A Car Trim?

A trim of a car corresponds to a different set of features, engine and gearbox options offered on a particular car model. To explain this better, let us consider the Toyota Land Cruiser that is on sale in the UAE. Currently, the Land Cruiser is priced between AED 238,900 and AED 412,900 for the top-spec trim according to the official Toyota website.

land cruiser car trims

Engine Options

The Land Cruiser is available in two petrol engine options: 4.0L NA V6 and 3.5L twin turbo. 

  • The 4.0L NA V6 costs less and is placed around AED 65,000 less than the 3.5L Twin-Turbo.
  • Customers looking for more performance from their SUV will choose the pricer engine option.
  • As a result, choosing the engine option also corresponds to the trim level of the Land Cruiser.


  • The base variant EXR comes equipped with a minimum set of features. However, since the Land Cruiser is a luxury SUV, you will find even the base model to come decently equipped.
  • On the other hand, the GR-Sport, which is only offered with the 3.5L engine is the top-spec variant of the Land Cruiser, adding a bit more off-road capabilities. Also, the GR-Sport gets a larger infotainment.
  • The top-spec variant is also equipped with enhanced safety features like the ADAS.


Variants are like layers. The base model will be the basic set of features offered on that particular model, especially inside the cabin. However, on the top-spec trim, car brands will be packing it with several nice-to-have and luxury features, that everyone might not look for.

Accessories vs Car Trim

Another aspect of car buying is accessories. They do not correspond to car trims all the time. Customers looking to add additional functionality can add by paying for additional add-on accessories. Often, you can see customers choosing the base model and further accessorising their cars adding more features.


Accessories are usually not bundled like the trim of a car. Buyers will have complete freedom to choose features individually to personalize their cars. However, some accessories would work in conjunction with the other, requiring customers to add both.

Why Do Car Brands Offer Trims?

It’s all about catering to diverse needs and desires. Some buyers prioritize essentials and affordability, while others crave luxury and cutting-edge tech. Trims let manufacturers cater to both ends of the spectrum, while still offering the core experience of the car model.

Additionally, from the brand’s perspective, car trims are a clever way to maximize market reach. They can offer a base model to price-conscious buyers and gradually layer on features and tech in higher trims, appealing to those with deeper pockets. This way, they capture a wider audience without diluting the model’s overall appeal.

How Are Car Trims Beneficial To Buyers?

For buyers, trims translate to choice and flexibility. You can prioritize features you use, avoiding paying for bells and whistles you won’t. Need a powerful engine but not a sunroof? Opt for a sportier trim. If you prioritize fuel efficiency and family practicality, a base trim with an economical engine might be perfect.

car trims

Navigating through car trims can be overwhelming. However, listing down your preferences can help simplify this decision-making process. Once you know what matters most, you can compare trims and find the perfect one that ticks all your boxes.

Will Car Trims Affect Resale Value?

Trims aren’t just about features. They can also affect resale value. Generally, higher trims hold their value better. Additionally, some trims might offer special edition features or unique styling cues, making them stand out from the crowd. 

Car trims can evolve over time. Manufacturers may add or remove features in different model years, so researching specific trims is crucial. Additionally, some trims are limited editions. These offer unique features or cosmetic enhancements, making them collector’s items.

Ultimately, understanding car trims empowers you to make informed decisions when buying a car. By knowing what each trim offers, you can tailor your choice to your needs, budget, and even your style. So, the next time you see a car model with different price tags, remember – it’s not just one car, it’s a whole wardrobe waiting to be explored!

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