Used Car Buying In The UAE: Key Information That Are Challenging To Find

Deciding to buy a used car in the UAE presents challenges in evaluating due to the limited accessibility of key information, depending on the region of residence. This guide to purchasing used cars will explore the readily available and unavailable essential information for making an informed decision.

Challenging To Find Used Car Information

Accident History

accident history

Finding the accident history of a car in the UAE can present various challenges. The accident history provides insight into the car’s condition, facilitating a thorough analysis of the overall health of the used vehicle.

Although the standard procedure for publicly recording all accidents by the police is in place, there is a possibility that comprehensive information about repairs may be unavailable due to various factors.

  • Getting the car repaired at a local garage might result in a missing report for repairs.
  • Photos of the accident and repairs might also be missing for a detailed analysis of repairs.
  • This might also affect any traffic fines that might have been incurred due to the accident.

However, depending on the city you live in, there is some or all information available on the accidental history of a used car. Consult this guide for detailed instructions on accessing car accident history. Few government and third-party websites offer to provide this information as a paid service in the UAE.

Number of Owners

Determining the number of owners of used cars is publicly available information. However, obtaining this information can be challenging when purchasing from a private seller or a dealer, mainly due to the absence of updated data. As previously mentioned, certain websites, such as the Ministry of Interior (MOI), offer these details by inputting the chassis number of the evaluated used car.

Service History

used car service

A thoroughly recorded service history is a valuable asset when purchasing used cars. Finding detailed and complete service history publicly is difficult. Often, the service history is unavailable for these reasons:

  • Used cars serviced at unauthorised centres generally will have missing records.
  • Dishonest sellers might try to conceal evidence of high mileage by manipulating the odometer and removing service records.
  • To avoid disclosing past accidents or repairs, sellers might attempt to hide the service record.
  • If the car in question is old, there are chances that the service history could be unavailable.
  • Any cars that have been imported to the UAE could also result in missing service history.

You can check for the service history of used cars at official service centres or even at Tasjeel centres. Here is a detailed guide explaining the services offered by a Tasjeel Center in the UAE.

Customs Clearance Papers For Imported Cars

Checking if a car was imported into the UAE is crucial when evaluating it. However, finding this information can be challenging, especially if the car has changed owners after being imported into the country.

Easy To Find Information


Valid Registration from the RTA

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and other government websites will help provide this information. This is publicly available and will help the used car buyer to check if it is legal and complies with local regulations.

Active Insurance

Finding active insurance on a legal car is also easily available to a buyer. Several online and offline centres will provide this information easily to the buyer to help with their used car evaluation. This not only protects you from unforeseen events but also ensures that the vehicle complies with legal requirements.

Traffic Fines

In addition to registration and insurance, buyers can easily check for any pending traffic fines on a specific car. As part of the process, the transfer of ownership for a used car to the buyer will only be finalized after settling any outstanding traffic fines.

Additionally, as a buyer, it’s crucial to possess a good understanding of the pre-delivery inspection necessary for purchasing used cars. Refer to this detailed guide to learn about the pre-delivery inspection required for a used car you are buying.

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