Dubai parking will now be charged at AED 32 daily in certain areas

Dubai Parking

Many residents of the UAE have gripes with Dubai parking especially those you live in congested areas as many struggle to find a parking spot after a long day at work. The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) are aware of this issue and are now taking steps to tackle the packed areas.

The first of the districts that will now be controlled by the RTA is Al Khail Gate Community in Al Quoz. Due to start in the second quarter of 2018 residents will be charged AED 4 per hour and up to AED 32 a day as the tariff is in effect around the clock. That’s right, even after 10’O’clock, you’ll have to pay for Dubai Parking.

However, select parking slots will be reserved for residents living in the area.

While it may appear to be a massive headache in the near future having to run downstairs to renew the ticket or sending a text via mobile device plus it can get rather expensive rather quickly.

The RTA have thought about that as seasonal parking permits will be offered to residents of the community depending on the duration of the permit. For three months AED 1,000, six months AED 1,500 and per year AED 2,500. These permits issued will allow residents or visitors to park in these Dubai Parking facilities.

Dubai Silicon Oasis also introduced paid parking in certain parts of the community to ease the parking problem for residents. It’s unclear if the RTA have further plans to introduce paid parking in other congested areas.

Parking, ugh, one of life’s downfalls. If only there were a way to have your car park itself. If only.


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