All You Need To Know About Parking In Sharjah: Charges, Zones & More

Sharjah, the Emirate known for its rich heritage and culture, can be a bit confusing to visitors and residents alike when it comes to parking. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate details of Sharjah’s parking system, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the city with confidence.

Parking Facilities In Sharjah

Sharjah offers over 70,000 parking spaces spread across 50+ parking locations around the city. This includes a mix of free and paid parking options throughout the city. These spaces are often marked with blue and white markings on the curb and include signage with clear instructions on usage and fees.

Types Of Parking Facilities In Sharjah

  • On-Street Parking: This is the most common type of paid parking, with designated spaces along major roads and throughout neighbourhoods.
  • Public Parking Lots: These larger designated areas offer a higher concentration of parking spaces. They are often found near shopping malls, government buildings, and popular attractions.
  • Multi-Storey Car Parks: Sharjah offers a growing number of multi-storey car parks, particularly in high-demand areas. These facilities provide a convenient and secure parking option, especially during peak hours.

How To Find Parking In Sharjah

With a mix of on-street spaces, public lots, and multi-storey car parks, finding parking in Sharjah requires some planning. Here are your options:

parking in sharjah
  • Signage: Always be on the lookout for designated parking zones. These zones will have clear signage indicating various parking details such as charges timings and more.
  • Apps: Download Sharjah Parking apps like “Sahl” or “Mawal”. These apps offer real-time information on available parking spaces in different zones, helping you locate a spot efficiently.

Free Parking In Sharjah

While Sharjah primarily operates a paid parking system, there are still ways to park for free:

  • Fridays: Generally, parking is free throughout Sharjah on Fridays. However, be mindful of zones with designated blue information signs that may have specific regulations in place.
  • Public Holidays: Free parking applies on all UAE public holidays.
  • Specific Zones: Some designated areas, like residential parking zones during non-restricted hours, offer free parking for limited durations. Look for signage indicating these zones.
  • Parking Disc System: Sharjah is piloting a parking disc system in specific zones. This system allows residents to park for free for a limited duration (usually 2 hours) by displaying a parking disc in their vehicle window.

Paid Parking in Sharjah

Paid parking applies from Saturday to Thursday, 8 am to 10 pm. There are various methods to pay for parking in Sharjah. We cover this in detail later in this article. Here are parking-related services offered by Sharjah.

Airport Parking In Sharjah

Sharjah International Airport offers multi-level car parks with dedicated short-term and long-term parking options. Fees vary depending on the duration and can be paid at designated kiosks upon exiting the parking area. Here are the charges:

Short-Term Airport Parking Charges:

1 HourAED 16
2 HoursAED 27
3 HoursAED 37
4 HoursAED 48
5 – 24 HoursAED 11/Hour
Additional DayAED 200/Day
Exceeding 30 DaysAED 2,000
Lost Ticket Charges (Addition To Parking Charges)AED 200

Long-Term Airport Parking Charges:

24 HoursAED 95
Additional DayAED 95/Day
Exceeding 30 DaysAED 2,000
Lost Ticket Charges (Addition To Parking Charges)AED 200

Charges For Parking In Sharjah

Standardized parking fees apply throughout Sharjah. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • 1 hour: AED 2
  • 2 hours: AED 5
  • 3 hours: AED 8
  • 5 hours: AED 12
parking in sharjah

The daily maximum parking fee is typically AED 15, but it’s advisable to check signage in the specific zone for confirmation. Some zones also offer discounted parking rates for residents with valid permits.

Parking Card Subscription Charges In Sharjah

The Sharjah Municipality Corporation offers subscription options for frequent parkers, categorized as follows:

  • Personal Car Parking Subscription
  • Commercial Vehicle Parking Subscription
  • Exceptional Subscription (Senior Citizens & Students )

People with disabilities can apply for a special parking permit that allows them to park in designated disabled parking zones free of charge.

Personal Car Parking Subscription Charges In Sharjah

Two Areas: 

1 MonthAED 166
3 MonthsAED 500
6 MonthsAED 900
12 MonthsAED 1,700

All Locations: 

10 DaysAED 170
20 DaysAED 290
30 DaysAED 390
3 MonthsAED 850
6 MonthsAED 1,400
12 MonthsAED 2,300

Commercial Vehicle Parking Subscription Charges In Sharjah

Two Areas: 

3 MonthsAED 600
6 MonthsAED 1,100
12 MonthsAED 2,100

All Locations: 

10 DaysAED 170
20 DaysAED 290
30 DaysAED 390
3 MonthsAED 1,050
6 MonthsAED 1,750
12 MonthsAED 2,850

Exceptional Subscription Charges In Sharjah

All Locations (20% Discount): 

3 MonthsAED 600
6 MonthsAED 1,050
12 MonthsAED 1,850
parking in sharjah

How To Pay Parking Charges In Sharjah

  • Parking Meters: Look for designated parking meters with clear instructions. These meters typically accept coins or parking cards for payment.
  • SMS Parking: As mentioned earlier, you can send an SMS with your plate number and parking duration to the designated number displayed on the signs. This is a quick and contactless payment method. Here is an official PDF explaining the entire process for SMS parking in Sharjah.
  • Parking Apps: Utilize apps like “Sahl” or “Mawal” for a convenient way to pay for parking. These apps allow you to top up your virtual wallet and initiate payment with a few clicks.

Parking Fines In Sharjah

Exceeding The Parking TimeAED 100
Not Purchasing Or Displaying A TicketAED 150
Obstructing Parking Vehicular MovementAED 200
Parking On PavementAED 200
Misusing Any Equipment In A Parking FacilityAED 500
Washing Cars In Parking AreasAED 500
Parking In Front Of Fire HydrantAED 500
Parking In Taxi ZoneAED 500
Parking In Handicapped Reserved Parking SpotsAED 1,000
Booking A Parking Spot Without A Driver’s LicenseAED 1,000

Utilize the tips provided, leverage technology for assistance, and plan your trips strategically to ensure a stress-free parking experience in Sharjah. Are you visiting Dubai? Here is a guide to parking in Dubai.

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