Dubai Police Launch Ghiath SWAT Tactical Response Vehicle At World Police Summit In Dubai

The Dubai Police launched the Ghiath SWAT at the 2023 World Police Summit. The Ghiath SWAT is a tactical response vehicle that will be used by the SWAT Operations team of the Dubai Police. The Ghiath SWAT is a follow-up to the Ghiath Smart Patrol vehicle that was released at the World Police Summit last year.

Hosted in Dubai, the World Police Summit is a premier event for global police, security, and law enforcement agencies. Alongside addressing some of the current challenges being faced by police forces, the event also showcases the latest technological advancements, strategies, and innovations in the law enforcement and security industry and this includes vehicles.

At the 2023 edition of the World Police Summit, more than 112 countries, and over 250 exhibitors participated, hence, it was the perfect stage to launch the latest edition of the Ghiath. The first Ghiath was a smart patrol vehicle developed for the Dubai Police force by W Motors.

W Motors is an Emirati sports car manufacturer based in Dubai and is most well-known for making the Lykan Hypersport supercar. While it is known globally for the Lykan, W Motors is recognised by the Dubai Police for producing the Ghiath.

In fact, the vehicle was known as Beast Patrol before the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum renamed it the Ghiath. Now, a more advanced edition of the Ghiath has been launched.

The Ghiath SWAT is one of the most advanced tactical response vehicles in the world. In terms of technology, it features nine surveillance cameras with license plate recognition capabilities. In addition, there are two military-grade infrared systems for night vision command and control. It also gets an infrared tracking light. On both sides of the vehicle are high-intensity LED lighting capsules.

In addition, the Ghiath SWAT features multiple security features that keep its occupants safe and secure. The SWAT does make a tough and butch impression. Up front is a tough steel bullbar, then there are the tactical steps at the side and rear. In addition, there are provisions to store arms and ammunition, and other equipment. 

In case an unruly crowd has to be dispersed without harming them, the operators of the Ghiath SWAT can simply deploy the inbuilt smoke discharging system. Complete with facial recognition technology, and driver-activated security cameras, the Ghiath SWAT certainly is a high-tech tactical response vehicle that is now in use with the Dubai Police.

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