Dubai Police Tesla Cybertruck — New Electric Pickup Truck Added To Dubai Police Fleet

The Dubai Police has announced the addition of the Tesla Cybertruck to its fleet. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the Dubai Police’s ongoing efforts to integrate the latest cars with cutting-edge technology and immense performance into the fleet.

On 16 June 2024, The Dubai Police tweeted a couple of images of its newest acquisition. The images depicted the Tesla Cybertruck escorting two Mercedes-AMG G63 AMGs and a Land Rover Defender — the convoy of Dubai’s Royal family. The Tweet read, “The Dubai Police General Command has added the Tesla Cybertruck, the modern electric car with a futuristic design, to its tourist police luxury patrol fleet.”

The Dubai Police Luxury Patrol Fleet

Cars like the Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW 5 Series, Nissan Patrol, etc, handle the bulk of Dubai Police’s patrolling and general duty. However, the Dubai Police is renowned globally for its impressive collection of high-performance vehicles. This includes the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, Bugatti Veyron and so much more.

Dubai Police Supercar

These supercars are all a part of the Luxury Patrol Fleet which aims at enhancing the department’s operational efficiency and public presence in tourist areas and landmarks. Cars from this fleet often make appearances are events, representing the Dubai Police in a grand and glamorous manner.

The Dubai Police Tesla Cybertruck Hype

The inclusion of the Tesla Cybertruck in the Dubai Police fleet further strengthens Dubai’s vision of being a futuristic city. The Cybertruck’s futuristic design, with its angular, stainless-steel exoskeleton and bulletproof glass, aligns perfectly with modern Dubai’s image.

In November 2019, It was in 2019 that the Tesla Cybertruck concept was first revealed to the public. With its unique design and stainless steel construction, the electric pickup truck stood out in the crowded pickup truck segment. In the same month, the Dubai Police hinted at the possibility of using the new electric pickup truck to patrol Dubai’s roads.

Dubai Police Tesla Cybertruck

Over the next three years, several rendered images and AI videos of Dubai Police’s supposed Tesla Cybertruck appeared online. However, enthusiasts eagerly awaited the official announcement from Dubai Police. 

The Tesla Cybertruck went into production in 2023 and this only added to the anticipation. On 16 June, 2024, just six months after production began, the Dubai Police finally made the much-awaited announcement.

Dubai Police Tesla Cybertruck Details

The Tesla Cybertruck is known for its distinct colour, which is a result of its stainless steel construction. However, the one that’s entered service with the Dubai Police is decked in the official colours of the department — White & Green. It also features a compact set of lights.

Dubai Police Tesla Cybertruck

The registration plate features the prominent number ‘5’ and appears to be made of vinyl and stuck on. The exact details of its drivetrain haven’t been revealed. However, the Tesla Cybertruck is currently available only with one battery pack capacity — 123kWh.

The electric pickup truck is available in 600hp dual-motor and 845hp tri-motor configurations, so one can only assume the Dubai Police unit is one of them. The dual-motor variant does the 0-100km/h run in 4.1 seconds while the tri-motor does it in just 2.6 seconds! The Dubai Police is yet to reveal the number of Tesla Cybertrucks that will be added to the fleet.

It is an unconventional pickup truck with quite a few quirky traits. Here’s a list of the top weird things to know about the Tesla Cybertruck.

Boosting Public Perception & Community Engagement

The addition of the Tesla Cybertruck to the Dubai Police fleet is not just about performance and sustainability. It also serves a strategic purpose in terms of public perception and community engagement. 

Dubai Police Cybertruck

The Cybertruck’s unique and eye-catching design is more than likely to attract significant attention. This is sure to help to foster a positive image of the police force as forward-thinking and innovative. This can enhance the relationship between the police and the community, promoting a sense of pride and confidence in local law enforcement.

As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, the integration of futuristic vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck and the recently inducted Lotus Eletre will play a crucial role in shaping the city’s landscape and enhancing the effectiveness of its public services

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