DubiCars Car Spotlight — Toyota Yaris: All You Need To Know About The Toyota Yaris & Its History

The least expensive car models are often the most underrated ones. They are pretty basic in nature and don’t come with the longest list of features. However, they are often among the best-sellers, and for Toyota, it is the Yaris. When one thinks of a Toyota, the Yaris will be one of the last models that comes to mind. However, it is a winner for Toyota as over 4.5 million units have been sold so far.

The name Yaris was derived from the Greek goddess Charis, who was a symbol of beauty and excellence. The Toyota Yaris first debuted in 1999 and over the years, has grown to be one of the most stylish cars in its segment. In this edition of the DubiCars Car Spotlight, we look at the history of the Toyota Yaris and its four generations.

Toyota Yaris History — Models Over The Years

First Generation | 1999 – 2005

The Toyota Yaris was first launched in 1999 as a part of Toyota’s efforts to cater to the entry-level market in several parts of the world. Three body types were introduced — hatchback, sedan & coupe. While the hatchback was targeted at some European countries, the sedan and coupe were launched in other international markets. 

The first-gen Toyota Yaris featured a subtle and conservative design and styling. Prominence was given to spaciousness and practicality. It was powered by a 1.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that produced 68hp & 90Nm. Later versions received a more powerful 1.5-litre inline-4 engine.

Second Generation | 2005 – 2013

The second-gen Toyota Yaris arrived in 2005 and this is where the Yaris shape we are familiar with arrived. The design and styling got a slight makeover, but it was nothing major. Toyota got rid of the coupe body style but the hatchback and sedan styles remained in production. 

The old 1.0-litre engine remained in production. In addition, more engine options were added to the lineup. A 1.3-litre inline-4 petrol and a 1.4-litre diesel engine were made available. Toyota also started considering the Yaris as a high performance car and brought in a 1.8-litre engine to power the top-spec variant. With 133hp and 173Nm on tap, this version of the Yaris was pretty quick.

Third Generation |  2011 – 2020

With this generation, the Toyota Yaris started becoming a more mature family car. Its styling and design were similar to that of the Toyota Corolla. Toyota produced it in hatchback and sedan body styles. However, there was a facelift in 2014 and this one came with a new codename and new styling as well.

In terms of powertrain, engine capacities ranged from 1.0 to 1.5 litres. Later versions of this generation were lauded for their sweet handling. Mazda introduced a rebadged version of the Yaris in select markets and that version was a commercial success as well.

4th Generation | 2020 – Present

It is with the fourth generation that the Toyota Yaris hit its true potential. It is built on the Toyota GA-B platform that also underpins other cars like the Toyota Aygo and Mazda 2. In order to capitalise on the trending crossover SUV segment, Toyota developed the Yaris Cross and started retailing it in 2020. It shares the name and the platform with the Yaris sedan and hatchback.

At the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Gazoo Racing unveiled a high performance version of the Yaris. This potent hatchback went on sale the same year and has been redefining performance in the segment since then. This version is powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that produces 261hp in the GR version and 272hp in the GRMN version.

Standard variants are powered by a 1.5-litre inline-4. Toyota even launched a hybrid version of the Yaris. Other features of the current-gen Toyota Yaris include:

  • Smart Keyless Entry
  • Start/Stop Button
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Six Airbags
  • 8.0-inch Touchscreen Infotainment
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Rear Parking Camera & Sensors

Most Popular Toyota Yaris Generations In The UAE

The third and fourth generations of the Toyota Yaris are the most popular in the UAE. These are efficient, reliable, and dependable cars and certain sections of the UAE’s populace appreciate the Yaris for this.

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