Fast 9

Fast 9

Coronavirus is a serious buzz kill! Not only is it affecting our daily lives, but its also affecting what you want to watch. Fast 9 appears to have been affected by the virus as it is set to debut in early May this year, but will now hit cinemas in April 2021.

The tweet posted by the official Fast & Furious account doesn’t exactly state that the date has been changed due to Coronavirus. But the phrase “safety of everyone” gives us a hint that this is the case.

There haven’t been any other tweets or posts citing post-production delays nor does the tweet mention anything regarding production.

Fast 9 is expected to take the Franchise to the next level with more wild car stunts and John Cena joining the franchise.

Guess we’ll have to watch Fast 8 and the rest of the movies.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the delay.

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