Ferrari 488 Pista confirmed before world debut

Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari is rumoured to be working on a hardcore version of the 488 GTB. No Wait, they confirmed it in the early hours this morning! Rejoice, there is indeed a new Ferrari on the way based on the current V8 sports car and is said to be named the Ferrari 488 Pista.

While Ferrari has confirmed this is indeed what we need to keep a look at for next month in Geneva, there are vital bits of information missing. The rims on each corner are rumoured to be constructed from lightweight carbon fibre shedding 18 kg from the total body weight. The front end is also said to be comprised of lighter materials compared to the 488 GTB.

Inside, the 488 cabin carries over with a few unique Ferrari 488 Pista pieces. Lots of carbon fibre and Alcantara is expected as are racing harness in place of traditional seatbelts. As for the exterior, deeper grooves and cuts are present all over the vehicles alluring shell, and there appears to be a new vent or too to suck in cold air.

Why the Ferrari 488 Pista?

Rumored to be named the 488 GTO, Pista is the Italian word for track which is where this car feels right at home.

A familiar 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 lurks behind both passenger and driver, but instead of the usual 688 horsepower, the Ferrari 488 Pista will churn out 711 hp and 795 Nm of torque. No performance figures have been confirmed from the prancing horse although it’s safe to say it will be slightly quicker in a straight line. has new Ferrari and used Ferrari for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

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