Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX Review — 1 of 5 Ever Made

When you’re chilling in a Ferrari 812 Superfast, it’s not like you’re pondering whether this supercar can make you feel all special, right? But then, you catch sight of an 8XX by Onyx Customs, basically a tricked-out 812 Superfast, and suddenly you’re ditching the regular car and hot-footing it after this exclusive, souped-up beast.

The Onyx 8XX transcends the mere notion of an automobile; it represents a pinnacle of automotive artistry. With a production run limited to just five units, this bespoke masterpiece embodies the epitome of exclusivity, captivating both collectors and fervent enthusiasts alike. So, let’s dive into our review of the Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX.

Feature Model Details

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX listed for sale on DubiCars from Dourado Luxury Cars is 1 of 5 available models. The 8XX is made by Onyx Concept and features some exclusive touches. This includes carbon-fibre body parts, performance exhaust, tuned engine and reworked interiors.

Exterior Design — Onyx Package

Ferrari gave the 812 Superfast glorious Italian design that looked like automotive art. However, Onyx Concepts took the standard supercar and gave it a ton of carbon fibre parts and an exclusive exterior paint scheme to make it look menacing. 

812 superfast

Onyx exterior upgrades include:

  • Grigio Silverstone grey metallic colour 
  • Forged carbon-fibre front splitter
  • Forged carbon-fibre side skirts
  • Forged carbon-fibre rear diffuser
  • Forged carbon-fibre rear spoiler
  • Forged carbon-fibre rear windshield 
  • Yellow stripe and highlights
  • Forged carbon fibre bonnet and rear windshield
  • Onyx bespoke quad exhaust tips
  • 21-inch front and 22-inch rear forged wheels

Interior Design — Onyx Package

The changes on the 8XX’s interiors are fewer as compared to its exterior. Most of the equipment such as the climate control, digital cluster, passenger display, and JBL audio have been carried over from the standard 812 Superfast. However, the changes on the inside made by Onyx include:

812 superfast
  • Carbon fibre accents on the dashboard, steering wheel, and centre console
  • Leather seats with yellow accents


The 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX features a digital instrument cluster, a head-up display, and an infotainment system that seamlessly integrates navigation, audio, and climate control. While not the most advanced system compared to modern luxury cars, it provides all the necessary features while maintaining a driver-focused environment. There have been no changes in this department from Onyx.

Engine & Performance — Onyx Tuned

The 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine is tuned to produce 101hp more than the stock Ferrari 812 Superfast. The stock performance stood at 0 to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 340km/h.

Onyx has not revealed the 8XX’s performance figures. However, the limited-edition supercar is lighter and more powerful than the stock Superfast and will result in quicker acceleration and faster top speed.  

Driving Impressions

812 superfast

The hunkered-down 812 Superfast was already an incredibly responsive and agile supercar. Onyx Concepts have further stiffened the electronically adjustable suspension to make the car rigid and handle better around corners and straights. Overall, the 8XX delivers edge-of-the-seat action when you trod on the loud pedal no matter which way you turn the steering wheel.

Review Verdict

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX is a collector’s item, a technological marvel, and an engineering masterpiece, all rolled into one. For those fortunate enough to own one, the Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of exclusivity, performance, and automotive excellence. Find this limited-edition Ferrari 812 Superfast Onyx 8XX listed on DubiCars by Dourado Luxury Cars.


Since the Onyx 8XX is an extremely exclusive supercar the price tag goes beyond the ends of the earth and depends on the dealer. However, the stock Ferrari 812 Superfast prices start at around AED 1 million.

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