Ferrari F12 M will be the last of its kind

This year is certainly starting off with a bang; we’ve got the G650 on the way, LC 500 coupe and now the Ferrari F12 M to look forward come Geneva in just a few weeks time.

F12 M’s will bare the companies iconic 6.3-litre V12 petrol motor with no turbo or supercharged induction and no visible sign of hybrid aid either.

750 horsepower is said to scream out of the rear tailpipes, 19 less than F12tdf.

Exterior wise, the latest Ferrari won’t sport a radically designed body compared to the standard F12. Although, it will borrow certain cues from the GTCLusso4 along with a revised front and rear lights, front grille, unique air intakes and a lightly refreshed interior.

Active rear wheel steering from the F12tdf also transitions across.

Ferrari F12 M vehicles will be the brand’s last hurrah with a naturally aspirated V12 and are said to be limited to around 100 units making it truly a future classic.

Production is scheduled for at least five years.

Smaller engine in sports cars is certainly a “thing” now. It’s time to wave goodbye to the massive fire-breathing V12 motors with large displacements as we may see them go extinct in the coming years.

For those requiring a V12 in the near future will have to settle with a hybrid powertrain pairing which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Note: Ferrari F12tdf pictured.

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