Flying Taxis To Be Operational In Dubai Within Three Years: Ruler Of Dubai Announces Details Through Tweet

Flying taxis will be operational over the skies of Dubai by 2026. Air taxis for Dubai have been in the planning pipeline for a long time now. However, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice-President of UAE and Ruler of Dubai has now announced that the design of the air taxi stations has been approved and these flying taxis will be operational within the next three years.

Decades ago, many had predicted that modern cities would feature futuristic transport systems like flying cars that look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. While those reports of old had said this would happen by 2020, there seems to be a slight delay. However, there is no doubt that we are heading toward this sci-fi-inspired future.

In October 2022, Chinese flying car startup Xpeng Aeroht displayed the Xpeng X2 at the GITEX 2022 tech show in Dubai. While this isn’t the first time a flying car was displayed at a tech show, it was the first time that a flying car was demonstrated in Dubai. 

After obtaining special permission from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), the Xpeng X2 took to the skies at Skydive Dubai in the Dubai Marina area, wowing the crowd gathered to witness the spectacle. This was only a taste of what is to come in the future. 

Dubai is already one of the most modern and futuristic cities in the world. With all types of cars, a few motorcycles, a world-class metro rail system, a comprehensive bus network, and even helicopter taxis, Dubai already has a well-oiled transportation system. In addition to this, residents of Dubai will soon see flying cars zipping past the skyscrapers in the city.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s official Twitter account posted a tweet on Sunday, 12 February 2023, announcing the arrival of Air taxis within the next three years. The tweet read, “From the World Government Summit, we approved today the design of the new air taxi stations in Dubai which will start operating within 3 years.”

The tweet also included a couple of pictures of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and other government officials looking at a model of the air taxi stations in question. There was also a video that said, RTA has been working with Advanced Air Mobility companies Skyports Infrastructure and Joby Aviation. 

The video also outlines the plan for the futuristic transportation system in Dubai. It will become the first city in the world to have a fully operational network of ‘Vertiports.’ These vertiports will be the launch and recovery stations of electric VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) aircraft. 

The first batch of flying taxis in Dubai will be able to seat four passengers along with a single pilot. It will have a maximum range of 241 kilometres on a fully-charged battery and a top speed of 300km/h. Needless to say, the air taxis will feature fast charging too.

Piloted by a single pilot, the aircraft will be more efficient to run than the current helicopter taxis. However, the nature of its operation doesn’t make it too different from the current helicopter taxis. But, there is no doubt, this is the start of flying cars and eventually, individuals will be able to buy their own flying cars

The initial launch network of flying taxis and vertiports will connect four main areas in Dubai — Dubai International Airport, Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. If the air taxis have to be operational by 2026, testing of these vehicles and construction of the vertiports must begin by 2024. 

In the distant future, almost everyone will be using air taxis. For the next few years though, conventional four-wheeled cars are still the transport we will be using. If you are looking at purchasing a car, DubiCars has thousands of new cars and used cars for sale in the UAE

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