Lexus, Genesis, Kia, Mitsubishi & Toyota Make The Most Dependable Cars According To Study, While Land Rover Is Ranked The Lowest

Lexus has emerged as the manufacturer of the most dependable vehicles. Results of the J.D Power 2023 U.S Vehicle Dependability Study emerged on 09 February 2023. According to the study, Lexus ranks the highest in vehicle dependability while Land Rover and Tesla are at the bottom of the list of just over 30 car manufacturers.

J.D Power is an American data analytics, consumer intelligence, and software company that conducts in-detail studies on various facets of the world. 34 years ago, the brand released the U.S Vehicle Dependability Study for the first time, and the number of factors the study checks for has only increased over the years.

The study in question surveys owners of three-year-old cars. The individual must have owned the car since it was new. This makes it one of the most exhaustive car ownership surveys in the world. This survey, therefore, reveals some aspects of cars that reviews cannot. These are real owners of cars facing real-world problems.

It is no surprise that Lexus has topped the list. It is a well-known fact that Toyota makes some of the most reliable cars in the world and Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota. Lexus cars are essentially rebadged Toyota cars with added luxury and more features. However, Lexus cars feature fanatical attention to detail.

Despite this relationship between Toyota and Lexus, Toyota ranked 7th in the list. The survey found that Lexus had 133 problems per 100 vehicles while Toyota had 168 problems per 100 vehicles. Coming in second on the list is Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis with 44 problems per 100 vehicles while Kia took third place with 152 problems per 100 vehicles.

The bottom three were Audi with 252 problems per 100 vehicles, Lincoln with 259, and Land Rover with 273 problems per 100 vehicles. For the first time ever, the study included Tesla’s cars. However, Tesla wasn’t wanked as the EV manufacturer didn’t grant access to customer data from all US states. Despite receiving only limited data, the study found that Tesla buyers reported 242 problems per hundred vehicles, which puts it almost at the bottom of the list.

Some of the most common problems reported across all brands were to do with the infotainment system. Touchscreen systems not functioning properly, voice commands and voice recognition throwing errors, connectivity issues with Android Auto & Apple CarPay, etc. The study also found that there was an overall reduction in the number of components being replaced compared to last year. 

The J.D Power study for this year also announced that there was a tie for the most dependable car model. The Toyota C-HR and Lexus RX were both ranked similarly to be the most dependable car model in the US market. Both cars are popular in the UAE too and there are several new Toyota C-HR cars for sale in the UAE while the Lexus RX is a very popular model in the used cars market. 

The J.D Power Vehicle Dependability Study is conducted only in the US market. However, we’re sure the results of the same study wouldn’t be too different in the UAE. Lexus and Toyota are considered among the most dependable car brands. In fact, Toyota and Lexus cars hold their value really well in the UAE car market.

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