Ford GT Mk II is a track hungry million dollar beast!

Ford GT Mk II

A few weeks ago, Ford teased the world with a Ford GT silhouette sporting a massive fixed rear wing mentioning that a reveal is expected for the 4th of July. That day has finally arrived and the end result is the Ford GT Mk II.

Right off the bat is the ‘discreet’ massive fixed rear wing that replaces the GT’s active rear spoiler instantly grabs your attention as does the large rear diffuser, new front splitter and dive planes.

With all the new kit, the Ford GT Mk II generates 400% more downforce compared to the roadgoing GT.

The V6 twin-turbo 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine is still present but with a slight increase in power, 53 horses to be exact. 700 horsepower races to the rear axle via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Fixed to the roof is a new air take that sucks in cool air for the transmission coolers, auxiliary clutch and engine. Ford have also thrown in a new high capacity air-to-air outboard-mounted charge air cooler that sprays water automatically on the charge air cooler at high temperatures to ensure the engine consistently runs at a high power level.

As per the Blue Oval, the Ford GT Mk II weighs 90.7 kilos less compared to the road car. Ford achieved this by removing the multiple drive modes and extremely quick adjustable ride height.

In there place are five-way adjustable shocks along with a fixed, lower ride right. The 19-inch rims are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport GT rubber with carbon-ceramic brakes lurking behind.

The cockpit has been stripped out, with a simpler dashboard compared to that of the road car, a race-spec steering wheel and a handful of new controls.

A screen mounted above said controls displays the MoTeC data acquisition system and what’s behind the vehicle via the rear-view camera.

As for the driver’s seating arrangements, the sports seat had been replaced by a Sparco racing seat with a six-point harness; the passenger seat is on the extras list.

According to Ford, only 45 will be built and each one will cost a cool 1.2 million USD. The ‘normal’ Ford GT only costs a 500,000 USD.

Oddly enough, the GT Mk II won’t be sold by Ford, it will be sold directly to customers by Multimatic instead. The track-focused GT will be built in the same plant as the ‘regular’ Ford GT in Markham, Ontario, before being finished off at a “specialist facility” at Multimatic. has used Ford GT for sale and for obvious reason’s, there are no 2017 or later Ford GT models for sale.

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