Top Things To Know About Geely Chinese Car Brand

Geely’s story is as intricate and multi-faceted as the car itself. To truly understand its rise from humble beginnings to a global player, we need to delve deeper into its past, discuss its present, and look into its ambitious future.


Li Shufu, Geely’s founder, began not with cars, but with refrigerator parts in 1986. However, his ambition was clear: to build a Chinese automotive brand that wouldn’t just compete but thrive on the global stage. This vision materialized in 1997 with Geely Auto, but the early years were far from smooth.

Geely Auto

Geely Auto started as a small domestic player. However, under the leadership of visionary Li Shufu, it transformed into a global force. The company’s first car, the Geely Haoqing (HQ), was introduced in 1998. It was a small sedan aimed at the domestic market. 

Geely quickly gained popularity in China due to its affordable pricing and relatively good quality compared to other domestic manufacturers. Acquisitions like Volvo Cars in 2010 and Proton in 2017 propelled its international reach, while partnerships like Baidu for software development and Daimler for engine technology solidified its technological edge.

Global Expansion & Manufacturing

geely auto

Geely Auto is no longer just a Chinese brand. They are actively expanding into international markets, with a presence in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

  • Partnerships with local companies and governments are key to their global strategy.
  • Exporting their vehicles and establishing production facilities abroad are key strategies.
  • The brand has established manufacturing plants in various countries, including Malaysia, Belarus, and later in Hungary. This move helped Geely tap into new markets and reduce production costs.

Multi-Brand Powerhouse

Today, Geely is a multi-brand giant, each catering to specific segments:

  • Geely Auto: The core brand, offering sedans, SUVs, and crossovers like the popular Emgrand and Coolray.
  • Lynk & Co: Targets the premium segment with sleek designs and technology-focused features like the 01 SUV and 09 electric car.
  • Proton Cars: Acquired in 2017, Geely revitalized the Malaysian brand with new models and technology upgrades.
  • Geometry: Dedicated to electric vehicles, offering affordable options like the Geometry A and C.
  • Zeekr: A high-end electric car brand is known for its futuristic design and innovative features like the 001 SUV

This diverse portfolio allows Geely to cater to a broad range of consumer needs and establishes them as a major player globally. Read this linked article to know the top Chinese SUVs launching this year.

Sustainable Mobility

Geely invests heavily in R&D, focusing on areas like autonomous driving (Terrafugia flying car project), artificial intelligence, and alternative energy sources like methanol.

Geely recognizes the crucial role of sustainability in the future of mobility. Electric vehicles like Zeekr, investments in battery technology, and green manufacturing practices showcase this commitment.

Technology Driven Future

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Geely Auto has embraced “Tech Geely 4.0,” a philosophy emphasizing global architecture, advanced powertrains, and user-centric design. This approach has led to the development of:

  • NordThor E-Hybrid: A modular hybrid powertrain system enabling efficient and powerful electric and gasoline options.
  • Geely Galaxy OS: A next-generation in-vehicle operating system offering seamless connectivity and advanced features.
  • Extensive R&D investments: Geely invests heavily in research, focusing on areas like autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and new energy technologies.
  • Electrification: Becoming a global leader in EV technology and sales, with a target of selling 3.9 million EVs in 2023.
  • Autonomous Driving: Leading the development and implementation of self-driving technologies, with aspirations to be a Level 4 autonomous driving leader by 2025.
  • Sustainable Practices: Building environmentally friendly factories, using recycled materials, and promoting green energy sources throughout their operations.

Geely’s UAE Portfolio

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Geely is yet to introduce some of its sub-brands to the UAE automotive market. We expect Lynk & Co, and Zeekr to arrive officially sometime in 2024. Additionally, the Geometry line-up could be expanded with a few other models.

Except for the Geometry, all models are powered by either a 1.5L or a 2.0L petrol engine. As for the Geometry C, it is a pure EV crossover that promises a range of over 450km on a single charge. All cars under the Geely brand umbrella come with a feature-packed cabin delivering the latest in-car entertainment and technology. Visit Geely UAE’s website for more details and the latest Ramadan offers.

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