Genesis Motor UAE Announced As Official Automotive Partner For World Police Summit In Dubai

Genesis Motor has announced that it is one of the partners for the ongoing World Police Summit in Dubai. As the automotive partner, Genesis Motor will be transporting VIPs to and from the venue in Genesis luxury cars. The cars being used for VIP transport include the Genesis G90, GV80, G80, and G70. 

The World Police Summit is the premier event for global police, security, and law enforcement agencies where some of the current challenges being faced by police forces are addressed. The event also showcases the latest technological advancements, strategies, and innovations in the law enforcement and security industry.

More than 112 countries and over 250 exhibitors are participating in the 2023 edition of the World Police Summit. Because of its significance, the World Police Summit attracts hundreds of VIPs including over 100 Chiefs of police and thousands of visitors, from all across the world. Orchestration of transportation for these VIPs is of utmost importance and Genesis Motors has stepped up to the task.

Genesis Motor UAE, which is a part of Juma Al Majid Est., has taken on the role of the automotive partner for the summit. Its lineup of luxury vehicles shuttle the VIPs to and from the Dubai World Trade Centre, which is the venue for this year’s summit.

Genesis is the luxury vehicle division of South Korean auto giant Hyundai and was established in 2015. The UAE car market is one that places immense value on premium and luxury products and hence it goes without saying, that Genesis is doing rather well in the UAE. The brand currently retails the G70, G70 SB, GV70, G80, GV80, and G90 in the UAE.

In Genesis nomenclature, G denotes sedans while GV denotes SUVs. For the World Police Summit, Genesis Motor UAE has deployed its flagship sedan G90 and flagship SUV GV80 along with two other sedans G70 and G80. 

Suliman AlZaben, Director of Genesis Motors UAE, said “Our relationship with Dubai Police is one of strategic collaboration through which we offer our continued specialist assistance. The World Police Summit presents a distinguished platform for Genesis Motors to showcase its vehicles and capabilities.”

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