Here’s Why You Should Buy A Verified Used Car: The Advantages Of Verified Used Cars & Why It Helps

Anyone who has looked for used cars online has at one point or another come across the struggle of confirming the authenticity of a particular car. Buyers often find themselves doubting the specifications and descriptions posted by a seller.

This is where the cars verified by DubiCars stand out. The word ‘Verified’ simply means, authenticated, confirmed, or corroborated, and in this case, these words describe the car you are looking at.

The used car market in the UAE is rather large with hundreds of dealers selling their cars. There are also hundreds if not thousands of private car sellers. But the question of authenticity still applies to both ends.

How do you verify if the car you are considering has a proper air conditioning system? The description might mention that it comes with ‘New tyres’, but how new are the tyres in reality? The description of the listing might mention the car was ‘recently’ serviced. How recently was it serviced though? Is it really without any scratches and in mint condition?

One way to answer these questions and more is for you to go and personally see the car and then get it checked at an authorised workshop. Or, you could save your time and effort and look into the verified used cars at DubiCars.

All the verified used cars listed on the site have been thoroughly checked and our verification process is comprehensive.

Personally Checked By Verification Personnel

All of our private ads are verified by our customer care team to make sure that they are in the exact condition the advertisement says they are. The team speaks to every advertiser to ensure that the cars are real and that the seller’s details are real. If the car in question has a blemish, we make sure that it is reported. This way, what you see in the pictures posted is exactly what you receive.

Reputed Sellers & Long-Standing Relationships

Most used cars at DubiCars have been listed by reputed sellers and dealer partners and in most cases, DubiCars has had a long-standing relationship with these sellers and this long-standing relationship speaks for itself in the quality of the cars listed. When it comes to dealers, every single dealer that posts on DubiCars is required to have trade licenses. 

Their trade licenses and their reputation is also thoroughly given a once-over before their listings are posted under the verified section. Most used cars on DubiCars are present in the UAE. In the rare event that there is a car listed for sale from another country, our verification process has already checked for the trade license of the dealer from the other country.

Warranty & Money-Back Guarantees

When it comes to buying or selling a used car, the warranty of a car or the lack thereof is one of those factors shrouded in confusion. Private sellers most often claim that the car is still very much under warranty coverage while it really isn’t. However, we would advise buyers to check with the official dealer for confirmation on whether the car really is under warranty.

The same principle applies to Money-Back Guarantees as well. DubiCars has a mix of advertisers offering manufacturer-approved used vehicles with 7-day money-back guarantees, warranties, and thorough inspections. However, we would always advise buyers to conduct their own inspection as well.

Thorough Inspection

A car is only verified once our customer care team speaks to the advertiser. However, we always recommend that buyers should also perform their own inspection of the vehicle before putting their money down on it. 

While an inspection of the aesthetics can be performed by anybody, a thorough inspection of what lies under the skin requires some assistance from the experts. It is for this very reason that DubiCars has tied up with Autohub.

Autohub offers a thorough, point-based inspection that checks the vitals of the car and also does an in-depth examination of the mechanical and electrical systems. The detailed inspection report is then sent to the buyers. DubiCars’ tie–up with Autohub gives you an exclusive offer so that you can drive your new used car away with some priceless peace of mind.

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