How to Send an RTA Complaint in Dubai

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The Road and Transport Authority has its doors open for any comments and feedbacks from the residents of the UAE in an initiative called RTA Complaint Handling.

Please do not post your complaints on this post, read the instructions on the post to help you reach out the RTA.

In this post, you will learn how to send your feedback related to any service managed by Dubai Road and Transport Authority and we will be using the email method explained in the 5 steps guide below.

5 Steps to Send RTA Complaint via Email

Step 1: Explain your problem and send it by email to [email protected] we have attached at the end of this post a complaint letter template.

Step 2: Wait for RTA to send you an automated reply with a reference number.

Step 3: Within 1 working day an RTA employee will reply your email to confirm your message is received and they might ask more info if you missed your contact details for example.

Step 4: Within 3 working days you will receive an SMS to confirm your message was delivered to the appropriate department, attached there will be an expected reply date.

Step 5: Depending on your issue it might take more days, an RTA officer will call you with the results of your RTA Complaint.

Required Information to Submit RTA Complaint

The following details are required in all cases whatever your complaint is about and it’s used to contact you.

  • Your full name.
  • Your mobile number.
  • Incident date and time.

Some cases require additional info depending on the complaint, for example:

  • Taxi plate number.
  • Taxi ID (Written on the back of the taxi).
  • Taxi driver name/ID number.
  • Metro Station name.
  • Your Nol card number.
  • Staff name/ID number.

RTA Complaints Response

Once you send your email you will receive back a reply to inform you about the case has been escalated to the relevant department and you will be contacted with the appropriate action/resolution.

Once the relevant department receives your message, you will get an SMS with a case reference number and an expected date of a reply from them.

rta complain message

A message you get from RTA when they’ve received your complaint

On the set date, you will receive a call with the results of your case, either RTA will give you a solution or fix the issue or they could apologize for not being able to do the changes you requested for (In case of you asking for a policy change).

rta complain message

A reply you get from RTA when your issue has been resolved.

Complaint Letter Sample

Dear RTA Officer:

On September 29, 2017, I took a Dubai Taxi plate number (12345) Taxi ID (SV123). My trip was from Dubai Mall to Jumeirah Beach, pickup time 6:45 PM and dropoff time 07:10 PM.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver did not turn on the taximeter and insisted to charge me an X amount without giving me a receipt.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my complaint.


[Your Name]
[Mobile Number]

Other Methods to Contact RTA

According to the Road and Transport Authority website, you can reach them out with your comments using any of the following portals.

  • Complaint Box (Available in all RTA service centres).
  • Direct Complain (Directly talk to the manager of the facility you’re in).
  • Contact Center (Just call toll-free 8009090)
  • Email (Explained above).
  • Social Media.


  1. To Whom It may concern,

    I am one of the commuters of Dubai Metro Station, and I usually spend unlimited credit to my RTA card a number 0139339741. Unfortunately, I was not able to use it during this lockdown period from 5 April until 25 April. I would like to ask for a refund for this or if you could credit it again in my card. I have already spoke to one of your costumer service and they said to message you thru mail. Hope for your kind consideration. Thank you.

    —–》hi, i want to follow up for this one. Its been more than 14 days base from you 7 – 14 days processing only. Thankyou

    • Christopher Milbourne
      May 27, 2020 at 9:23 am

      Hi Gener, please note that this is not the RTA, you can use their website ( or call 800 90 90 to make a complaint.

  2. Dear rta team

    To kindly inform you thad bus no 93 from Al Hana center to mall of the emertes and mall of the emertes to Al hana center this bus never haver comes on time I’m using this service last 3yers way to my work please get your hatenstion and kindly fix it

    note. I need to tell you exsept this bus nomber 93
    The all the bus service it’s on time and exlant service specially bus 12 so good and exlant road service

    April 29, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    dear sir/ madam,

    i am the owner of PAL HARMAN TRANSPORT LLC DUBAI. My Company TC NUMBER 50155354 TRUCK NO 64802 DXB PUBLIC TRANSPORT .i would like to inform you that we have got two fines No.6201636849 at 12-43 am on 20-04-2020 And fine No..6201636848 at 12-41 am. on 20-04-2020. Actually we have got this fines By Big Mistake . because our Truck did not go there at 20-04-2020 because we do not have any business over there in Abu dhabi .kindly check camera clicked pictures those caused fines to us. THANK YOU FOR RTA ABUDHABI.
    i am two time Complaint the on line. successfully submitted. but not Respond my Application. Complaint ID C200107747 or C200107747

  4. I missed a bus not only once but many times and saw others having the same issue at the bus stop before Clock Tower area from Al Kabayl in Dubai because of Carlift Service companies like NAWAS, Swat Line, Arabian Express etc.. taking over the offloading area of the whole bus stop that bus driver will choose to leave us instead. Please make this stop.

    Good Job for coming up with an App that helps passenger plan their trips instead of waiting outside in the hot sun waiting for the bus.

  5. Dear RTA officer,

    Good morning! i would like to complaint the taxi driver named [x] of DUBAI TAXI with plate number [x] body number [x]. i was in Philippine consulate today December 12, 2019 0940 in the morning. just after my appointment in Philippine consulate i just rush outside to hire taxi to take me to GALADARI al qusais branch. there is a long lines of taxi in front of the building so i ask the first taxi on the line. first taxi rejects me he says hes waiting for the customer i told him i am also a customer, he still refuse me so i went to the second taxi. he told me the same and rejected me. that taxi driver is the one that is mention on the top. they don’t want to take customer which is far from metro station. they don’t want to go far because of one reason only. i am not saying all taxi doing this but most of them. they take customer from consulate to metro vice versa just to get contract or minimum fare of 12 aed only and they don’t want to start the meter. this is not the first time i encountered that same style of the taxi drivers. i know they have small income but they should not reject the passenger who needs their services. i am calling the rta officer to look out this issue regarding to the taxi drivers who’s doing that. it is not fair for the passenger or the commuters so they will not do this again to others.

    Thank you so much,
    Ricardo [x]

  6. This is totally not the service I have received. I have actually received a horrible service and never expected it to be as bad as I have received. Here is my story, I have made the last car loan payment to my car and my bank sent a message to RTA for the same. RTA confirmed receiving the message from the bank and my online profile with RTA is showing that my mortgage is paid off. When I try to change my Car registration card or obtain a certificate showing that the car is paid off, RTA system still giving an error message that the car has a mortgage. Even RTA staff could not do it and they told me it is an IT problem in the system and they have been saying that they have escalated it for the last 3 weeks. I have spoken to two supervisors so far and everyone promise to solve this issue but no one kept his promise, they even promised to call me back and they never did. One of them named [x].

    I have all my email communications and supporting evidences that this issue has been there not resolved for more than 3 weeks. I hope that some senior person reads this because I have nothing left but to go to the media, maybe someone will do his job when he/she receives a call from Mr. [x]

    Reference tickets:
    Vehicle ownership certificate [x]

  7. Dear RTA Officer:

    On September 8, 2019, I took a RTA Dubai Taxi Taxi ID (XA134) Driver ID (2170107). My trip was from Hyatt Regency to Airport Terminal 2, pickup time 9:55 PM.

    On the way to airport, he intentionally tried to select the long way, then I reminded him several times that “my destination was Terminal2 and your route selection was incorrect”. Finally he brought me to Terminal3, not Terminal2. I notified him that I will send this complaint to RTA service and then he said sorry for wrong way selection.

    His behavior is obviously intentional and I look forward to your fair qualification of your drivers.


  8. Hi
    Mine is to make a complain about the last bus for route F32.on 2nd September at 24:13 hours.the driver said he would be back for pick up(that’s at the studio city bus stop)and instead he went straight at the round about without coming in as the route is supposed to be leaving us stranded since it ws the last would have been better if He would have been honest and ask us to board we go for the round trip rather than leaving people stranded and confused.Iam requesting for the right action to be taken

  9. Dear
    RTA Bus Drivers
    This is not complain by the way
    But I am going to suggest you.Please come to singapore
    And learn how to use break without effects passenger. Reduce your speed before if there is not sufficient space.


  10. Hi, Assalamu Alaikum..

    I would like to ask the details about how to do an extend the timing for parking hours which is using with Nol card?

  11. I take a ride taxi from Al Satwa bound to Mirdiff city centre, when we reach Mirdiff taxi meter didnt start i ask for what reason he said he forgot to start, I ask how much i will pay , he said “you know already how much it is” so i give 35aed. But i really need the receipt for company reimbursement. Taxi # 4448 MT075. Time of incident between 11:30-12:00 noon.

  12. I am not happy with Dubai taxi driver service to the customers,continuously 2 days they are not agreeing to drop me towards sea view hotel because of short distance travel,they are doing side business taking people in other long distance place with Chargeing 75Aed I really wonder what kind of services is this, I want to request for RTA to watch your each taxi driver which stands near my bur Dubai Bus station and take the action.

  13. Dear RTA, now December 6 I ask 1 taxi in front of union metro for a ride. The lights is on but he doesn’t want to take costumer. He said he is on a 24 hour shift. So I took a picture of the plate and the taxi number and even taunt me to take a photo of him. I told him that I will report it but he doesn’t care and then took the next costumer after me since we are having an argument. Plate number 3081 taxi number is CT 1360!

  14. Dear RTA Officer

    This is Rajesh. Working In DIP-1 NMC hospital. Last week almost 4 to 5 days from Green community to Jebal ali parco Transport not coming on time. we are waiting almost 2 hours. Its not one day. almost daily . Is it timing changed or what was the reason. Kindly please inform . I mean F47 bus i am telling. Awaiting for your kind reply.

  15. Dear rta officer

    On November 13 2018. Today I was waiting for the bus 28 from dubai Petroleum bus station going to hudheiba turnof bus station. The bus 28 came in the right time 3:15pm but the driver didn’t stop in the bus driver saw me thats why im so upset and I’m pregnant then i need to wait for the next bus.
    I hope it will not happen again


  16. Today i was waiting for the bus 28 going to lamcy Plaza. I was waiting in the Dubai Petroleum bus station the driver saw me but the bus driver didn’t stop. The bus cqme at the right time 3:15pm i am so disappointed because i need to wait again for the next bus stop and i am pregnant and its so hot to wait because no bus shield in the bus stop. ?

  17. Dear RTA Officer,
    On October 22, 2018 at 16.14 hrs I called for a taxi from my work place on Dubai Taxi service 04-2080808. I got a booking reference 56432519 and the taxi arrived at 16.23 hrs. It was a Hala Taxi with # HDT808
    I told the taxi driver to take me to Ibn Batuta Metro Station by JAFZA gate number 4.
    He took me through Gate 4 by a longer route to which I asked him why he did that. He said the other road is not good. To which I told him that I take that straight road to Gate 4 very ofte n and did not find any problem. He kept on arguing and saying that there are lots of roads and he doesn’t know the roads. He was not courteous at all but kept arguing. He also took me to Ibn Batuta Mall instead of Ibn Batuta Metro station by using the bridge going towards Jebel Ali Village/ Ibn Batuta Gate which is congested. I asked him why he has brought me to Ibn Batuta Mall, to which he kept saying that I had asked him to take to Ibn Batuta Mall. I told him that this is not the way a taxi driver should be speaking to a customer but he didn’t care. Also I found him speeding.
    Please action needs to be taken by warning him that he needs to respect the customers request of route and destination and not be rude. I have taken the time to complaint as I feel other customers need not go through the same attitude of this driver.
    Robert D’Souza

  18. Today, sunday october 21,at 5 20 pm, i was waiting for the bus F32 at the bus stop al barsha a, in front of citimax hotel, to go to my work in mudon which starts at 7pm. The bus came by at 5:48, and wave my hand to let him see me that i need to ride, unfortunately, the driver didnt stop!!!! Which means i have to wait another 30 plus minutes to the next bus!!!! And i am really late for my work!!! Can you please fix this!! This is a designated bus stop and people are waiting for couple of minutes and the driver will just act like that???? Please resolve this issueto your bus drivers.

  19. Sir time 3.38 pm date 4 October 2018
    Place abuhail masgid al salam near union coop the bus c3 (going to abuhail side).
    The bus not stop the proper stope and also didn’t receive passengers in this bus stop their have 6 persons are waiting for this bus
    So we have late to reach our working place

  20. It is cruel that vehicle fine details were not so clear, records are not transparent,. For example, i received a pedestrian fine which is indicated in Al Quoz only, specific place were not given, where? To those who are RTA officers, please be fair in indicating the exact place and time where riders get the fines., The money which we are paying is a blood money, we are working hard for it. Thanks.


  22. Abdul Rafeek Salahudeen
    August 14, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Dear RTA Offer.
    I’m Abdul Rafeek Salahudeen
    I’m parked on my car L 63622 land cruiser Under Bord on the mentioned first 2 hours free at front of alkhail community center. I parked 4 23pm13/08/2018 then I go for preyer and lunch. then coming back to car 6pm13/08/2018 this time ..put the under wripper fine resipt.
    Fining time 5 45 pm employee name Faisal Saif Sulaiman alraesi
    ID 6350, I parked my car in there first 2 hours free what is this? Before 2 hours got the fine.what do?
    I am 4th pm on al quse mall on some work. I have evidence for it. Then coming to this parking area 4.23 pm .please help me for the avoid on this fine.
    Best regards
    Abdul Rafeek Salahudeen

  23. I have an issue with the road around my Apartment block in Al Nahda – (Dubai Star Apartments).

    The road has never been completed and their are no paths. We have to walk and dive on sand and cars park where ever they wish making it very dangerous.

    The owner promised to have it recovered when I took the lease several years ago but now says that the RTA are responsible and will not resolve it !

    To whom to I address this matter ?

    • Hi Paul, you may address this issue directly to RTA following the steps are written above in the article. We (Dubicars) are not affiliated with the RTA and we cannot submit complaints on your behalf.

  24. Good morning madame/sir…just I want to complain our pick and drop car company of sidra restaurant. 2months now no ace it’s to hot specially at 12noon.i till everyday to my manager but he answer..noo that’s come that’s good..its too hot everyday.specially 2 days now the weather not good have sand store.

    • 2 days now have sand think that’s good staff suffer everyday.specially Me everyday I’m suffer for ace.5am go mohaisna thin 11am back to satwa after mohaisna.that time it’s really hot.what I’m feel everyday without ace out car.when I’m reach satwa I’m too much wet and I’m feel dc.but our manager not care about our health.

      • Hi Annalyn, Your contacting Dubicars about a complain you have against a private company, we are not affiliated with RTA and we cannot send complains on your behalf, please follow the steps written above.

  25. On June 1 at approximately 5:10 pm at Dubai Airport FlyDubai terminal I took a station wagon taxi to the le meridian hotel near the airport. As soon as I got in, realizing I didn’t have any cash I asked if he took a card. He said no and that I should have asked before I got in the car. I asked him immediately to let me out since we were only steps from where he had picked me up. But he said that he had turned the meter on and I should have asked before I got in. This was devastating as I felt like he took me hostage and wouldn’t listen to anything i said. I come to Dubai every three months but today’s experience shook me to my core. He forced me to take money from an ATM since my hotel didn’t have one and I missed an spa appointment because of it. I was too shaken to get his license plate but have his and a photo of him. I really hope you address this issue so that others don’t have to go through such traumatic experience. Taxi number is DV 814. And I do have a photo of the driver which I took from the back seat.

    • Hi Marjan, please note that Dubicars is not related to RTA complaints department or Dubai airport taxi, this is just a guidance article and you need to contact Dubai airports or the RTA using the guide we wrote in this article.

  26. I m always taking 88 bus to go for work morning 7:10 am now last two days Driver not going to stop that station. The bus stop is near Ravi restaurant which buses going to Karama or different routes, if u need details I will send to you.
    I will appreciate if u give me quick feedback.

  27. Hello sir,
    I live in golden sands 7
    And since 2 hours there is some work goin on on the road outside the Bldg. It is very noisy and my babies are unable to sleep.
    Please stop Doin this at night.
    Our sleep is very important .

    Thank you

  28. I was thrown on the highway by [Masked] 17/3/2018 @1545 when I told the driver that he has been lost for AED30 and he is continuously taking the wrong road. I was at Oasis mall and wanted to go to La Perle Habtour city W Hotel clearly visible if you look at it from far. I had to jump over the double metal barrier with my wife, my mother in law and 2year old daughter who had a stroller as well. [email protected] This unacceptable and a disgrace to a beautiful city such as Dubai

  29. Jasper Saquilayan
    January 20, 2018 at 7:40 am

    Jasper Saquilayan
    [Phone Number Hidden]
    January 20, 2018

    F9 – from Al Bada’a to Al Jafiliya Bus Station E but Pick-up at Iranian Hospital Terminus 6:33 am did not come, unfortunately, the driver changed the normal route his route used was Al Wasal Park 2 opposite side of Iranian consulate way instead of Iranian Hospital Terminus in front of Iranian Hospital Emergency Entrance.

    Please be remind the driver of this bus number 1707 K 34137 don’t change the route otherwise there is a further announcement.

    Jasper Saquilayan
    [Phone Number Hidden]

    • Hi Jasper, Please be advised this post isn’t the correct place to post your RTA related complains. Follow up with the post above to contact RTA about this issue you’ve had with the bus.


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