How to drive in the rain! UAE edition.

It may be a strange concept in the UAE, but it does rain here. When it does the roads and drivers turn into something wild, and that’s not just here, it’s all over the world.

Don’t fret too much, Dubicars is here to help with our handy guide on how to drive in the rain.

Drive slower

Driving fast should never be an option in the rain. Driving at high speeds is dangerous and can lead to traffic accidents. Slow down to a safe speed (80 km/h on highways) and keep your distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Aquaplaning is a big thing due to the rain soaking the road. Be aware of other motorists and surroundings.

Pull over

Just set out and the rain seemed bearable? Did it suddenly get worse? That’s what rain does; it’s completely unpredictable.

Pull over into the nearest petrol station and wait for the weather to calm down.

It may take 15 minutes, or it may take an hour, but it’s worth the wait.

Don’t use your hazard lights!

We can not stress this enough! Using your hazard lights while driving in the rain is the last thing you should do. While it is a good idea to make your vehicle more visible, it’s not the ideal thing to do.

If other motorists see you driving around with hazard lights on, they will suspect the worst. For one, they could be thinking you have stopped and slam their foot on the brake. This could lead to an accident.

You should never drive in the rain with your hazard lights on. They should only be used when there is real danger, i.e. a stopped vehicle.

Just don’t do it.

How close are you?

Don’t ride the bumper of the driver in front of you; when roads are wet, you need the extra distance to brake. The general rule of thumb is two car lengths. During wet weather conditions, extend that to four.

Spray from other vehicles impact vision. Keep your distance

Stay in your lane

Don’t switch lanes unless you have too. Constantly changing lanes doesn’t get you to your destination faster, even if it isn’t raining.

Due to lower visibility, drivers may not be able to see you switching lanes.

Pick a lane and stay in it. You won’t be going anywhere any faster than everyone else.

Do you hear that?

Turn the radio down or completely off. Distractions are the last you thing you want when driving.

Listen to your surroundings in case there is any danger around or emergency vehicles.

You may want to listen out for other vehicles as you may not see them due to low visibility.

Crank up the heat!

Probably not the most ideal tip on the list, but due to the drop in temperature, your windows can fog up. A fogged up windshield and low visibility conditions can be dangerous.

Do your wipers work?

While we rarely need them in the UAE, ensure your windshield wipers are up to the job. They play a crucial part when it comes to driving to in the rain as they wipe away the water on the windshield.

The same goes for the rear wiper too.

Don’t drive if you don’t want to

If you don’t need to leave the house, don’t drive. Unless you need too, there is no point.

Your safety is the most important thing, ensure that you are capable of driving in the rain. Do not drive while tired and if you’re running late, send your boss a message informing them of the conditions.

Before heading out, check social media, turn on the radio or check the local papers online. You’ll find out fast enough if it is safe to drive outside.

Photo credit: Rajitha Perera has new cars and used for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman, including convertibles.

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