How to Renew Your Driving License in Dubai

How to renew driving license in Dubai

It goes without saying that no one wants to get caught driving a car with an expired license, as doing so may result in penalties. But renewing your driving license in the UAE can vary Emirate to Emirate, which can be confusing when you don’t know how to renew your driving license.

To answer your questions, we’ve created an easy guide on how to renew your driving license in Dubai.

How long does a Dubai driving license last?

If you applied and acquired the license before the age of 21, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will give you a one-year valid license only, but if you’re older than 21, your license is valid for ten years.

However, there are exceptions to this. The Ministry of Interior of the UAE has issued a law for license holders whereby expats will have to renew their UAE license every five years instead.

What you need to renew a driving license in Dubai

What documents are required to renew a driving license in Dubai?

You will need:

  • The expired license
  • An eye test certificate from a recognised optician
  • A residency visa stamp on your passport
  • Your Emirates ID
  • Two passport photos

Fees for renewing a driving license in Dubai

  • 150 AED for the eye test
  • 200 AED RTA fees to issue a new license
  • 20 AED delivery fees (optional)
  • Clear any pending fines on your license
Renewing a driving license in Dubai; happy Muslim woman driving car and holding up Dubai driving license

Where to renew your driving license in Dubai

The RTA no longer accept license renewals from their branches, so where can you renew your driving license in Dubai? Currently, the available options are renewal online, via mobile app, over the phone or via the mobile Customer Happiness Centre.

How to renew your Dubai driving license online

You can renew your license online on the RTA website where you create an account and fill in your license details. Once you confirm your account, your eye test results are automatically sent from the optician to your RTA account. You can then proceed with payment.

How to renew your Dubai driving license with the RTA Smart App

Download the RTA’s Drivers and Vehicles mobile application then log onto driver license services to fill in the details. Select a delivery method and pay the license renewal fees using a credit card. You will be provided with a temporary license via email until you receive the renewed one.

How to renew your Dubai driving license through the RTA Call Centre

Renewing your Dubai driving license through the RTA Call Centre is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call the RTA Call Centre on 8009090.
  2. Press * for all services.
  3. Press 1 for for vehicle licensing, parking, e-services and more.
  4. Press 2 to plan your journey. You will then be put through to speak to an operator.

Renewing your Dubai license via the Customer Happiness Centre on wheels

No, this isn’t a joke: there is a mobile unit that drivers can use to renew their license. The coach is fitted with self-service machines and a handful of employees who assist customers if they need help. All you have to do is visit the mobile centre with the required documents.

The mobile centre visits certain areas of Dubai for ten days each and its operating hours are from 4 pm to 11 pm. To find out where exactly it is, customers are notified via the RTA website or their social media.

Not only can you use the Customer Happiness Centre on wheels to renew Dubai Driving license, but you can also obtain parking cards and renew vehicle registration there.

Dubai Temporary Driving License (Interim Driver’s License)

If you choose to renew your license online or via the RTA app, you will get this electronic license via email while you wait for the delivery of your license:

Renewing your Dubai license with a Dubai Temporary Driving License (Interim Driver’s License)  given online or by applying for a renewal via the RTA app.

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FAQs on how to renew your driving license in Dubai

Q: How long it takes to issue a Dubai driving license?
A: 2-5 working days.

Q: Can I do the eye test in an RTA office when I renew Dubai driving license?
A: No, you must go to an optician.

Q: I acquired new citizenship, or my name has changed. What should I do?
A: Go to RTA and update your data for free, no eye test required.

Q: RTA says my license is locked and can’t be renewed.
A: You have black points in another Emirate and must go to the traffic department of that city and personally pay the fines.

Do you have any questions on how to renew your driving license in Dubai?

Please leave any questions in a comment and we’ll answer it!

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