How to report an accident in the UAE

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Had an accident on the roads of the UAE? Not sure what to do? Don’t worry, Dubicars is here to help with a handy guide on how to report an accident in the UAE.

If your involved in an accident and no one needs the attention of medical services and the damage to the vehicle is minimal, move the vehicle to the side of the road to avoid causing a traffic jam or blocking the road.

If the other vehicle or driver flees the scene of the accident or doesn’t wait for the Police to arrive, head towards the nearest Police station in the area and file a report immediately. If you are not at fault, you will be supplied with a green piece of paper which you’ll need to take to your insurance provider.

If your vehicle is damaged while parked (scratches, dents, etc) in any sort of parking area, call the Police if the damage you’ve spotted is significant, or drive to the nearest Police station to file a report. Once you’ve explained what’s happened, the Police will issue you with a damage report (costs AED 50) which you’ll need to give to your insurance company. Dubicars recommends you do this as soon as you’ve noticed the damage.

Below is a guide on what documents are required and the correct procedure when your involved in an accident.

Documents required

  • UAE driving license
  • Vehicle registration card (mulkiya)
  • Insurance papers

How to report an accident in the UAE

First and foremost, call the Police (999 works in all Emirates) to report the accident. You can also request medical services if required.

Once they have arrived you’ll need to provide the Police with your driving license and vehicle registration card (mulkiya). They must be original.

In case your vehicle is registered in a different Emirate or Country, you’ll need to show your insurance papers.

Whatever you do, do not get angry and start arguing over who is at fault, the Police officials will talk to each party involved and hear both sides of the story to determine who is at fault.

Once it has been clarified by the Police, they will hand each party a copy of the accident report.

  • If the paper is pink, you are at fault.
  • If the paper is green, you’re not fault, the other party is.

If your vehicle is undriveable, call a recovery vehicle (tow truck/till) to tow away the vehicle.

Once you’ve received all the paperwork, you’ll need to submit them to your insurance provider. Depending on the paper you received the Police you’ll either need to pay for the repairs or claim it from the other party.

If the paper you received is green, you’ll need to send the paperwork to the other driver’s insurance provider, which will have to organise the repairs.

Are there any other ways to report an accident in the UAE?

Instead of calling the Police, you can also use the Dubai Police app which is available on all mobile devices. The supports Arabic and Arabic plus a few other languages.

In order to report an accident via the app,

  • Submit where the accident took place (uses GPS signal via your phone). Once selected click report.
  • Then select how many vehicles are involved (between 2 and 5)
  • You now have the option to upload pictures of the damage on your vehicle. The app allows up to five pictures and has the option to add more vehicles if more are involved.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to enter the number plates of all vehicles involved plus other relevant details regarding the accident including who is at fault.

Once completed, all details are sent directly to the nearest Police Station. Police officers who receive the report will review it and issue a report after 15 minutes.

A copy of the report will be sent to the email addresses of each driver along with copies to be sent to insurance companies.

And it’s that easy if both parties agree whose at fault.

If the blame game starts and no conclusion can be determined between the parties, each motorist can file their own report via the Dubai Police app and Police officers will look at all reports and determine who is at fault.

In case the Dubai Police officers need more information they will call drivers involved.

Dubicars recommends; if it is a minor accident, ensure vehicles are moved off the road in order not to disrupt traffic.

You can not use the app to report an accident if you’re the only vehicle involved.

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