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Buying a car is an exciting journey, but choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Size matters, especially when it comes to the interior. Will you and your family fit comfortably? Can you lug all your luggage? Worry not, for this guide will navigate you through the world of interior car dimensions.

Interior Car Dimensions

Front & Rear Legroom:

interior car dimensions

Upfront, legroom is the game-changer for the driver. In the rear, it’s about giving passengers enough space to avoid feeling cramped. Strike the right balance for a comfortable ride.


The headroom is the airspace above. Ensuring even the tallest passengers don’t feel boxed in, headroom defines the vertical comfort within the car.

Shoulder Room:

The width of the cabin matters. The shoulder room is about creating a side-by-side haven for passengers, preventing any elbow wars during the journey.

Difference Between Standard Wheelbase & Extended Wheelbase

interior car dimensions

Standard wheelbase models offer good space for most buyers. But extended versions stretch the wheelbase, giving extra room for additional comfort, mostly for rear passengers. You can usually find extended wheelbase versions offered on luxury cars such as the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Storage Spaces

Boot Space:

Luggage, groceries, weekend adventures? Boot space is your friend. Measured in litres or cubic feet, bigger boots mean happier shoppers. Don’t forget to check the shape and any wheel arches that might eat into space.

Center Storage:

Coins, phones, snacks? Center consoles offer handy nooks for everyday essentials, keeping things organized and within reach.


Manuals, maps, sunglasses? Gloveboxes are your organized haven for important bits and bobs, easily accessible when you need them. 

Most times, either the centre console storage or the glovebox will feature an AC vent offering a cool box space to store.

Front Trunk:

Some cars have a hidden storage space under the bonnet, perfect for extra bags or bulky outdoor gear. This storage space is usually found on electric cars and is measured in litres or cubic feet.

Boot Space Dimensions Know-How

Measuring Matters:

Boot space is measured to the parcel shelf, behind the rear seats. Don’t forget to factor in wheel arches and seat shapes. Also, depending on the car segment there might be multiple values. For example, an SUV with three-row seating will most likely have boot space quoted for 3rd-row and second-row seats folded or removed.

interior car dimensions

Different Dimensions:

Boot space can be quoted in VDA (German standard), SAE (American standard), or actual usable space. This is the reason sometimes you’ll notice different numbers for boot space of a car depending on the country and market.

Interior Car Dimensions – Bonus Facts

Apart from looking at Interior and exterior car dimensions, there are a few other things to consider for having a comfortable experience.

Ingress and Egress:

How easy is it to get in and out of the car? This might not look like a crucial factor, however, if the car is too tall to climb in or if the door does not open wide, it becomes very difficult to get in and out of the car.

Seat Under-Thigh Support:

interior car dimensions

Seat under-thigh support, often overlooked, is a discreet yet vital aspect of automotive comfort, providing essential cushioning beneath the thighs for extended drives. This feature contributes significantly to maintaining a natural seating posture, preventing lower back strain, and reducing fatigue on long journeys.

Rear Reclining Seats:

Rear seats generally do not have much adjustment in smaller cars. However, having a reclining feature adds to the overall comfort for rear passengers.

Car Roofline:

If the roofline of a car is sloping, then it is most likely that the headroom for rear passengers will be compromised. A coupe sedan or a coupe SUV usually suffer from a lack of headroom for rear passengers due to their design.

In conclusion, the interior dimensions of a car play a pivotal role in shaping the driving and passenger experience. Whether it’s the legroom, headroom, or the strategic placement of storage spaces, each element contributes to the overall comfort and functionality of the vehicle’s interior.

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