Lamborghini working on Huracan off-roader and other variants

Lamborghini Huracan off-roader

No, there isn’t a typo in the title. Rumour has it, Lamborghini is said to be working on a Huracan off-roader and numerous other models. We’re already in love with the idea of the former.

As it appears, the upcoming Urus won’t be the only Lambo to skip asphalt in favour for unconventional terrain. Now before you get excited, it’s not going to go head-to-head with the Patrol or Land Cruiser.

What you can expect is all-terrain body panels, height adjustable suspension, flared out wheel-arches, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and an ultra luxurious cabin. Sounds like something from a National Geographic reality show.

As for the powerplant, expect the 5.2-litre V10 to propel the model on and off the road.

Lamborghini certainly have their work cut out for them with this revolutionary idea, but seeing as this will be one-of-a-kind on launch, they’ll have complete control of this new segment.

We’re not 100% when exactly we’ll catch a glimpse of the  Huracan off-roader which bears the Safari moniker.

We’re already picturing the vehicle in showrooms across the Emirates.

There’s more than just a Huracan off-roader

Amidst the Huracan Safari, Lamborghini is also reportedly working on not just one Huracan but seven.

Yes, you can expect seven unique Huracan’s to roll out of the factory in the coming months/years. This includes a Barchetta, Superleggera, SV, Targa, GT3 Stradale and Speedster variants.

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