MG EZS all-electric SUV introduced in the Middle East


Alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles are becoming the norm with most if not all manufacturers producing at least one or two and MG are no stranger to that. Having already unveiled a hybrid, their first all-electric model has arrived. This is the MG EZS.

Already popular in its petrol guise (ZS), the MG EZS is the first in a series of MG vehicles to features electric vehicle technology.

Tom Lee, Managing Director for SAIC Motor Middle East, said: “MG is at the forefront of new energy developments in the car industry. Recent announcements regarding the MG EXS demonstrate our commitment in this field, and customers across the world will soon be able to experience the benefits of an all-electric MG for themselves.”

“We look forward to sharing the news on future new energy developments for vehicles destined for the Middle East market later this year.” Continued Mr Lee.

Last year, MG brought their Hybrid Electric PHEV RX5 SUV to the region for hot weather testing. Traversing the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, MG is ready to deliver electric vehicles that can cope with the harsh climate of the region.

The new MG EZS is powered by a single electric motor that drives the front axle and produces 148bhp and 350Nm of torque. When fully charged it has a range of 428km between charges and also benefits from fast-charging capacity which allows up to 80 per cent charge in just 30 minutes.

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