New 2024 Mercedes-Benz G-Class EV Revealed: Is It Better Than The Petrol G?

The iconic G-Class, a symbol of rugged luxury and off-road dominance, has entered a new era. The Mercedes-Benz G 580 marks the arrival of the first-ever electric G-Class, offering a thrilling combination of zero-emission power, unparalleled off-road capability, and the comfort expected from the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Exterior Design

Mercedes-Benz has done a fabulous job in retaining the iconic G-Class design on the new EV version. However, there are subtle changes made to the G 580. Here are the changes:

g class electric specs features design range charging
  • The traditional radiator grille is replaced with a closed-off panel featuring an illuminated Mercedes-Benz star emblem.
  • Redesigned A-pillar with more rake, a sculpted bonnet and a roof front spoiler enhance the aerodynamics.
  • The rear-mounted spare wheel can be replaced with a box to store the charging cable. 

Dimension Check

Here are the dimensions of the new G 580 G-Class EV:

Ground Clearance250mm
Water Wading Depth850mm
Approach Angle32 degrees
Departure Angle30.7 degrees
Breakover Angle20.3 degrees
Boot Space555L

The water-wading depth of the G-Class electric is 100mm more compared to the G-Class petrol SUV. This could be an ideal SUV for tackling the floods and rains in the UAE. Here is a list of the top 10 SUVs that are resistant to floods.

Electric Motor & Battery Specs

Underneath the familiar hood lies the beating heart of the G 580: a quad-motor electric powertrain. Each wheel gets an independent electric motor, which helps in exceptional off-road performance. Here are the performance figures of the G 580:

g class electric specs features design range charging
Battery Capacity116kWh (Usable Capacity)
Max Power587hp
Peak Torque1,165Nm
0 to 100km/h4.7 seconds
Top Speed180km/h (Limited)

Range & Charging

The G 580 uses a large 116 kWh battery pack housed under the floor. Mercedes claims a maximum range of up to 470 km on a single charge according to the European WLTP cycle. It also features DC fast charging to juice up the offroader quickly. Here are the charging times:

AC Charging (10 -100%)11kW14 Hours
DC Charging (10 – 80%)200kW32 Minutes

According to Mercedes-Benz, using a DC fast charger to juice up for just 15 minutes at 200kW will provide the SUV with a range of around 170km.

Suspension & Offroad Ability

  • Sits on a modified G-Class ladder frame chassis with batteries integrated into the frame for structural support.
  • Retains independent front suspension and new rigid rear axle with integrated electric drive unit.
  • Uses virtual differential locks for optimised torque vectoring.
  • Has a shiftable low-range transmission.
  • Slightly lower ground clearance in the centre compared to the G 450d due to the flat floor.
g class electric specs features design range charging
  • G-Turn: rotates 720 degrees on the spot.
  • G-Steering: reduces turning circle by pivoting around a wheel.
  • Off-road crawler function: operates as slow as 2 km/h.
  • The new “transparent bonnet” function uses cameras to project a forward view for obstacle tackling.


Stepping inside the G 580 reveals a familiar yet modernised cabin. The iconic boxy design translates into a spacious and comfortable interior. Signature square vents and a grab handle greet occupants, while open-pore wood trim and standard leather elevate the feel. Ambient lighting adds a final touch of luxury.

Technology & Features

g class electric specs features design range charging

Reportedly, Mercedes-Benz will offer a ton of options and trim lines including AMG to personalise the electric offroader.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Edition One

  • Limited Edition Electric G-Class: Starting at €192,524.15 (AED 760,000), the Edition One offers a unique take on the electric G-Class.
  • Choose from five exclusive paint finishes
  • AMG and Night Package come as standard
  • Nappa leather upholstery in a new colourway with blue accents
  • Comes standard with a comfort package, premium sound system, and the G-ROAR sound experience.
  • Take delivery of the Edition One at the G-Class Experience Centre in Graz, Austria. The experience includes off-road driving, a factory tour, a special handover ceremony, and luxurious overnight accommodations.

G-Class Electric G 580 In The UAE

Mercedes-Benz is yet to announce the launch plans for the rest of the world. However, once the brand begins shipping the offroad SUV, we can expect a couple of Edition One models to arrive in the country sometime by the end of 2024.

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