New Honda EV Concepts Revealed At CES 2024

Honda made waves at CES 2024 with the global premiere of its “Honda 0 Series,” a brand-new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) set to launch globally starting in 2026. This ambitious initiative marks a major turning point for the Japanese automaker, signifying its commitment to electrification and a complete overhaul of its EV approach.

Two New Honda EV Concept Models

Honda didn’t just announce the 0 Series; it also unveiled two concept models that embody its vision: the Saloon and the Space-Hub.



The sleek and sporty flagship of the 0 Series, the Saloon boasts a dedicated EV platform that pushes the boundaries of design. Its low height and captivating lines belie a surprisingly spacious interior, thanks to Honda’s “Thin, Light, and Wise” development approach. The Saloon promises an exhilarating driving experience with intuitive controls and a seamless user interface.


space hub

Designed to integrate into daily life seamlessly, the Space-Hub prioritises practicality and flexibility. Its spacious cabin and excellent visibility offer a blank canvas for users to personalize their experience. This makes it a true hub for connection and collaboration.

Concept Behind New Honda EV 0 Series

The 0 Series isn’t just about individual vehicles; it’s about reimagining the entire EV experience. Honda is aiming for:

  • Thin: Utilizing a dedicated EV platform for a low floor height and superior aerodynamic performance.
  • Light: Introducing sporty driving and enhanced energy efficiency through innovative Honda technologies.
  • Wise: Integrating intelligent technologies for original software-defined mobility products.

Honda EV 0 Series will prioritize Five Core Values 

  1. Artistic Design: Evoking resonance with the environment, society, and users, these EVs will be more than just vehicles; they will be works of art.
  2. Safety and Peace of Mind: Featuring advanced ADAS and automated driving technologies, Honda’s 0 Series will offer a safe and stress-free driving experience.
  3. Connected Space: Utilizing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected technologies, these EVs will become personal assistants and companions, learning user preferences and offering valuable suggestions.
  4. The Joy of Driving: Honda’s passion for driving remains at the core of the 0 Series. These EVs will offer an exhilarating experience that connects the driver with the vehicle on a deeper level.
  5. Outstanding Efficiency: Honda’s expertise in electrification ensures outstanding range and minimal battery degradation.

Charging Concerns 

Honda aims to tackle range anxiety and battery degradation through fast-charging technology and advanced battery management systems. The goal is to achieve 15% to 80% charging in just 10-15 minutes and limit battery capacity loss to less than 10% over 10 years.

New H Mark

honda ev

Honda also unveiled a new H mark for its next-generation EVs, symbolizing its commitment to transformation and innovation. This design, reminiscent of outstretched hands, represents Honda’s dedication to expanding mobility possibilities and serving new Honda EV users with sincerity.

Get Ready For 2026

honda ev

The first Honda EV 0 Series model will hit the market in 2026. It will be first introduced in North America and gradually expand to other regions including the Middle East. Honda’s 0 Series is sure to electrify the world in the years to come.

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