Tesla Cybertruck Top Weird Things To Know

Over four years ago, Tesla announced a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle called the Cybertruck. Initially, the production of the Tesla Cybertruck faced various challenges revolving around its design and features.

In 2023, Tesla began delivering the electric pickup truck to customers. This allowed us to take a deep dive into the Cybertruck, and here are some of the weird things we found on the pickup.

Stainless Steel Construction

tesla cybertruck

There is not even a single curve in the Cybertruck’s design. In addition to this quirky design is its unique stainless steel construction. In bright sunlight, it has the power to blind you quite literally. Also, the design is peppered with sharp corners and edges.

Powered Tonneau Cover

The tonneau cover is completely motorized for opening and closing the pickup bed. When closed, the tonneau cover hides the small rear windshield behind the rear passengers. 

Additionally, the cover can support weights of up to 135kg. Thankfully, the bed is lined over the stainless steel construction to make it useful.

Single Wiper Washer

Due to a sharply raked windscreen on the Tesla Cybertruck, the pickup features the world’s largest single wiper and washer. Although it manages to clean most of the windshield, some portion in front of the co-driver is not covered. 


tesla cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the largest pickups on sale. Despite its large width, Tesla has managed to squeeze in a large DRL on the front that connects either end of the truck. 

For some, it might feel that the DRLs could be the main headlamp; however, they are neatly tucked and placed above the front bumper.

No Door Handles

There are no door handles on the Cybertruck. The door locks and unlocks via an external button hidden on the pillars next to them. Additionally, all doors open to 90 degrees for easy ingress and egress.

Front Camera

The Tesla Cybertruck is the first model from the brand to come equipped with a front-facing camera. It is placed right above the front grille on the bumper and features a wash feature for a clean image every time.

Steering Wheel

tesla cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck features an octagonal-shaped steering wheel that goes from lock to lock in less than 180 degrees. Also, there are no stalks for indicators or even drive selectors behind the steering wheel. They are operated via buttons on the wheel itself.

Missing Internal Rear-View Mirror

The internal rear-view mirror on the Tesla Cybertruck is not included. As mentioned before, the tonneau cover hampers the rear visibility via a conventional rear-view mirror. 

Instead, there is a camera on the tailgate that relays real-time information to the centre screen on the traffic behind the pickup.

No Spare Tyre 

tesla cybertruck

Tesla doesn’t ship the Cybertruck with a spare tyre. However, it is sold separately and will rob space from the bed to place it on the truck at all times.

Rear Seat Storage

The rear seats on the Cybertruck feature a 60:40 split. Additionally, they also lift upwards for additional covered storage on the pickup truck. There is a 9.5-inch screen placed at the back of the centre console for rear passenger entertainment.


The glovebox on the Cybertruck is actually a drawer that can only be opened from the central command screen.

Windows & Body

tesla cybertruck bulletproof

The Cybertruck’s windows are shatterproof, allowing for exceptional safety. Some even claim that the stainless steel body is bulletproof to some extent; however, there are no official reports from the ballistics department.

Removable External Mirrors

Tesla legally has to ship the Cybertruck with external rear-view mirrors. However, they are easily removable. As a substitute, two cameras are placed on either side of the front wheel arches that relay real-time information to the central screen. This also helps in ADAS

Wheel Cover

The 20-inch alloy wheels are equipped with wheel covers to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the Cybertruck. The weird thing about this feature is that it is completely removable and is a two-part unit.

No Tesla Logos

You will not find a single embossed or stuck-on Tesla logo all around the Cybertruck. Instead, Cybertruck logos are written in certain places, including the steering wheel and door sills.

Drive Selector

tesla cybertruck

The rear-view mirror console mounts buttons to select the drive on the Tesla Cybertruck in a certainly weird spot for that feature.

800V Architecture

The Tesla Cybertruck is the first model from the brand to feature the 800-volt architecture to provide complete fast charging capabilities.

Range Extender Battery

Tesla offers an optional battery that extends the range by 193km. The additional battery is positioned in the storage compartment below the bed of the truck.

Rear Wheel Steering

The rear wheels turn up to 10 degrees on opposite sides of the front wheel under 65km/h. This allows for easy manoeuvring of this large pickup in busy city streets. The rear wheels also turn around 2 degrees in the same direction as the front at higher speeds for improved handling.


Here are the final dimensions of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Ground Clearance (Extract Mode)443mm
Ground Clearance (Offroad Mode)363mm
Bed Length6 feet
Towing Capacity4,990kg
Payload Capacity1,134kg

Performance & Range

Tesla offers the Cybertruck in three variants and configurations: tri-motor ‘Cyberbeast’, dual-motor, and single-motor rear-wheel-drive.

Tri-Motor Cyberbeast Performance 

  • Max Power: 845hp
  • 0 to 96km/h: 2.6 seconds
  • Top Speed: 210km/h
  • Range: 515km
  • With Range Extender: 700+
  • Battery Pack: 123kWh
  • Fast Charging: 206km in 15 minutes

Dual-Motor Performance 

  • Max Power: 600hp
  • 0 to 96km/h: 4.1 seconds
  • Top Speed: 180km/h
  • Range: 547km
  • With Range Extender: 750+
  • Battery Pack: 123kWh
  • Fast Charging: 219km in 15 minutes

Single-Motor Performance 

  • Max Power: TBA
  • 0 to 96km/h: 6.5 seconds
  • Top Speed: 180km/h
  • Range: 402km
  • Battery Pack: TBA
  • Fast Charging: TBA

Pricing & Rivals

tesla cybertruck

The Cybertruck was initially supposed to be priced very aggressively, undercutting all its competitors. However, that was simply not possible, and it now ranges between AED 250,000 to AED 380,000.

The Cybertruck rivals the Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV Pickup, Ford F-150 Lightning, and the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV, among others. We expect Tesla to start accepting orders for the Cybertruck in the UAE at the end of 2024.

Those are all the weird and interesting things that you need to know about the Tesla Cybertruck. It is a very unique vehicle altogether, breaking several design barriers that were simply not possible with fuel-powered cars. 

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