New UAEV Fast Charging Network Launched: Here Are All Details

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is accelerating its journey towards a sustainable future with the introduction of UAEV, a groundbreaking joint venture established by the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) and Etihad Water and Electricity (Etihad WE). 

This first-of-its-kind, government-backed initiative was announced at the ongoing Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS). It focuses on creating a comprehensive and accessible network of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the UAE.


UAEV acknowledges the burgeoning demand for EVs and recognises that robust charging infrastructure is paramount for their widespread adoption. By establishing a convenient and reliable network of fast chargers, UAEV aims to significantly reduce “range anxiety” – a primary concern for many potential EV owners. This initiative directly aligns with the UAE’s ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.

UAEV has a set target of deploying 100 chargers by the end of 2024, with a long-term vision of reaching a staggering 1,000 chargers by 2030. This extensive network has the potential to revolutionise the UAE’s transportation landscape. Read this linked article for tips on how to increase the range of your EV.

H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said, “UAEV embodies the power of partnership between government and industry, and aims to provide vital electric vehicle infrastructure to boost adoption of EVs, energize communities, and unleash the economic potential of the UAE. We hope that this partnership will further accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation and significantly reduce emissions from the transportation sector, thereby helping to bring our Net Zero 2050 Strategy within reach.”

Key Features Of UAEV

  • Prioritising speed and convenience, UAEV will equip its network with fast-charging technology, enabling users to rapidly recharge their EVs and minimise wait times.
  • User-friendly interfaces will be a hallmark of the UAEV network, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free charging experience for EV owners.
  • For maximum accessibility, charging stations will be strategically placed at convenient public locations frequented by residents, such as shopping malls, universities, and hospitals. 
  • Additionally, the initiative plans to develop dedicated EV hubs modelled after traditional gas stations, offering a familiar and convenient experience for EV drivers.

UAEV’s Multifaceted Impact

The launch of UAEV is expected to have a wide-ranging impact on the UAE:

Economic Boon:

The initiative is projected to act as a catalyst for economic opportunities across the Emirates, fostering job creation in various sectors. Furthermore, the transition to EVs has the potential to stimulate innovation and investment in new technologies, supply chains, and business models, ultimately driving economic growth and enhancing the UAE’s overall competitiveness.

uaev charging stations

Environmental Impact: 

By promoting cleaner transportation solutions, UAEV directly contributes to addressing climate challenges and paving the way for a more sustainable future for the UAE. Widespread EV adoption will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing significantly to the nation’s environmental goals.


The extensive availability of charging infrastructure empowers consumers to make informed choices about the vehicles they purchase and the environmental impact of their transportation habits. It fosters a shift towards cleaner, greener transportation, putting the power to drive this change in the hands of consumers themselves.

Upto Speed With Global EV Demand

The launch of UAEV coincides with a period of phenomenal growth in the global EV market. With global EV sales surging to a staggering 14 million units in 2023, representing a remarkable 37.3% increase from the previous year, the UAE is strategically positioning itself to capitalise on this expanding market. The UAE’s own EV adoption is mirroring this trend, with a sharp rise in battery electric vehicle (BEV) penetration from 3.7% in 2022 to 11.3% in 2023.

Eng. Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, CEO of Etihad Water and Electricity and Board Member of UAEV, said, “For our business, this is a major milestone. It is part of a deliberate strategy to diversify our operations, using the knowledge and experience acquired from our role as long-standing pioneers in the energy sector, to explore new products, services, projects, and investments which will benefit our customers and ensure the UAE capitalises on emerging opportunities. UAEV charging infrastructure will contribute to the modernisation of the UAE’s transport network, help energise communities by creating new jobs, and empower our customers to make more sustainable choices.”

Sustainable Future

UAEV’s fast-charging network empowers the nation’s EV trend, propelling the UAE towards a clean transportation future. This positions the nation as a global EV leader, driving economic growth, environmental improvements, and consumer choice. Here are the top 10 electric cars on sale in the UAE.

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