Next-gen Toyota Supra to launch under Gazoo brand

2019 Toyota Supra

By now you must have heard of the upcoming successor to the epic Toyota Supra. No, you haven’t? Let us refresh your memory. BMW and Toyota are sharing blueprints to create two new coupes respectively. One is the Z5, and the other is the Toyota Supra.

Up to speed now? Good, because the reinvented Toyota Supra may launch under the Gazoo Performance brand. What’s Gazoo Performance, though?

Toyota has plans to turn their racing division, Gazoo into a fully fledged performance division of the Japanese brand and they are unsure of how to name the vehicle if this is the case.

Gazoo Supra or Toyota Supra Gazoo are the two names the motoring world has on their lips.

With the likes of BMW’s M, Mercedes-AMG and Hyundai’s N divisions working on conventional vehicles and enhancing them inside and out, this comes at the perfect time to team up.

Powering the new Toyota Supra is a selection of four and six-cylinder petrol motors supplied by BMW. On top of that, a hybrid version is set to sit atop the entire range. With help from the race team, this could be quite the potent motor.

This may not be the only model to launch under the performance branch as the upcoming Toyota Yaris hot hatch is said to launch out of the Gazoo camp too with other to follow in due time.

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