New Omoda C5 Showcased For The First Time Ahead Of Launch In The UAE

Chinese car brand, Omoda is all set to make its debut in the UAE. Ahead of its cars going on sale in the country, the brand recently hosted an event in Dubai, where it showcased the new C5 SUV. 

The Omoda C5 will mark the brand’s inaugural launch in the UAE. Following this, the brand plans to introduce the electric version of the C5, known as the E5 or C5 EV, which was revealed at the GIMS Qatar motor show event last year.

Omoda & Jaecoo 

As a member of the Chery International automotive group, Omoda will share its showroom space with Jaecoo, another premium brand within the Chery group. This strategic partnership hints at a cohesive approach to presenting its offerings in the UAE market.

Omoda Dealers In The UAE

Omoda is considering establishing a network of dealers, aiming to enhance its market reach. Unlike many brands that opt for an exclusive partnership with a single dealer, Omoda’s strategy will involve multiple dealers, allowing broader access to its vehicles in the market.

Spares & Distribution Center

The brand also confirmed that the warehouse for spare parts for Omoda and Jaecoo cars and the distribution will be located in the UAE. This results in quick service times.

Event Highlights

In addition to delightful Iftar gatherings and festive celebrations, the spotlight was on the display of two versions of the Omoda C5 in the UAE. The brand showcased both the 1.6L and 1.5L engine models at the event for the first time.

Omoda C5 Engine & Performance

Max Power154hp197hp
Peak Torque230Nm290Nm
Top Speed191km/h206km/h
0 to 100kmph9.9 seconds7 seconds
Gearbox9-speed CVT7-speed DCT

Omoda C5 Top Things To Know

The Omoda C5 comes equipped with cutting-edge technology and features. These include a large touchscreen infotainment system, ADAS active safety systems, premium audio quality, a panoramic sunroof, and a host of other advanced functionalities.

Read our latest article that compiles essential information and top things to know about the soon-to-be-launched Omoda C5 SUV. Discover what to expect, including pricing details, from this new Chinese SUV making its debut in the UAE. Omoda is expected to launch the C5 in the second quarter of 2024.

Jaecoo Expected Launch In The UAE

Jaecoo is expected to make its brand debut sometime in the next quarter of 2024 in the UAE. The brand is likely to bring its J7 and J8 premium SUVs when arriving in the country.

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