Plans for the 911 plug-in hybrid scrapped

911 plug-in hybrid

Those of you anticipating the launch of a 911 plug-in hybrid may have to wait a bit longer or elsewhere as the project has been cancelled.

These environmentally friendly sports cars were set to join the line-up before the launch of the next generation. However, the German brand has decided against adding a 911 plug-in hybrid to the lineup.

Although the 911 plug-in hybrid was confirmed last year, Porsche has revealed why they chose not to go ahead with the plan.

In order to create hybrid versions, a heavy battery pack would have to be added increasing the weight of the sports car and slightly hindering its dynamic capabilities.

According to reports, the model would also be more expensive and would not as profitable for the iconic nameplate leaving them with the ultimatum of cancelling the project.

Although 911 plug-in hybrid models have been dismissed, Porsche is turning their attention towards other vehicles including the upcoming Mission E. With a twin motor set up plus a high-tech drivetrain; Mission E is scheduled to ship with a large battery enabling the vehicle to travel 500 km’s on a single charge and a rapid 1-100 time we just can’t wait for.

Looks like you’ll have to stick with petrol powered 911’s and we’ve got plenty of new Porsche 911 and used Porsche 911 for sale in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

In other news, Porsche recently celebrated the production of the millionth 911 sports car not too long ago. Experts say that over 700,000 of those models are still on the road to this day!

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