Rabdan One Review — 684hp & 1,040Nm In A Plug-In Hybrid SUV Loaded With Technology

The automotive market in the UAE is vast, with tons of options for every car buyer. While it is quite easy to find cars made in different corners of the world, finding a car made in the UAE is a rarity. The Rabdan One is one of the few cars that hold the ‘Made In UAE’ distinction. 

The Rabdan One is in fact the first EV to be produced in the UAE. It is in essence an extended-range electric vehicle produced by NWTN in Abu Dhabi. In this DubiCars review, we take a detailed look at the Rabdan One, exploring its design, features, performance & overall driving experience. Find this Rabdan One for sale in the UAE listed by Mizdawy Motors.  

Radban One Design & Styling

The Rabdan One is a true head-turner, with a sleek and aerodynamic body showcasing sophistication and style. The aggressive 14-slat grille, gorgeous LED, gorgeous LED headlamps, and a nice long bonnet characterise the front end of the SUV. On the side profile, the super stylish turbine-style 20-inch wheels add the oomph factor. 

Rabdan One Design

The turn signals are integrated into the mirrors and the door handles sit flush. The SUV features a sloping roof with a contrasting pair of roof rails that further add to the styling. Styling at the rear end is super futuristic and premium. The tail lamps are quite elaborate and include an LED strip and clear lens indicators, while the Rabdan logo is integrated into the setup. 

Rabdan One Interior

If you love tech, the Rabdan One is sure to leave you impressed. Entering the car, you can’t help but notice how spacious the cabin is. This particular car features a dual-tone tan and black interior with silver accents and switchgear. The leather seats are comfortable and inviting. The three massive screens that make up the top half of the dashboard are sure to leave you mesmerized. 

Rabdan One Interior & Screens

If the screens weren’t impressive enough, this portion is also motorised. When you press the ignition button, the entire top half of the dashboard lifts up by a couple of inches, which is super cool. The massive panoramic sunroof, the spaciousness of the interior, and comfortable seats make every drive in this car a pleasure. 

Rabdan One Battery, Motor & Engine Performance

Underneath the sleek styling of the Rabdan One is an advanced hybrid powertrain. The primary source of power is a 33kWh battery pack that drives two electric motors. The motors are located at the front and rear axles, thereby giving the SUV all-wheel-drive. Together, the electric motors produce 684hp and 1,040Nm! 

Rabdan One Charging

These figures take it straight into supercar territory. It accelerates from 0-100km/h in just around 4.5 seconds despite its size and weight. The SUV can be driven in pure electric mode for a distance of just over 100 kilometres. However, there are no reasons for you to have range anxiety with this EV.

Under the bonnet is a 1.5-litre inline-4 petrol engine that starts up when the car feels the battery needs to be charged. The engine’s sole function is to act as a generator and charge the battery pack, and it doesn’t in any way drive the wheels physically. As a result, the Rabdan One has a combined range of around 860 kilometres, which is mighty impressive. Here’s a list of the top five cars with the largest fuel tanks.

Rabdan One Performance

Rabdan One Driving Impressions

The electric drivetrain makes sure all of the torque is available right from the get-go. Acceleration is instantaneous and thrilling. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or tackling tight corners, this car offers a connected driving experience and with its comfortable suspension system and responsive steering, every drive feels effortlessly smooth and controlled.

Rabdan One Review Verdict

A classy and elegant SUV like the Rabdan One is usually reserved for highway drives and daily commutes which this SUV certainly takes in its stride. However, with acceleration and performance figures akin to a sports car, it will also leave you surprised. 

Rabdan One

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving adrenaline-pumping drives or someone in search of uncompromising comfort, the Rabdan One delivers on all fronts. The fact that it is the first EV made in the UAE also adds exclusivity. Did you know, the Rabdan One is based on the Chinese SUV Voyah Free? Here are the top things to know about the Rabdan One.

Rabdan One Price In The UAE

Prices for a new Rabdan One in UAE range between AED 189,000 and AED 199,000 while prices for used Rabdan One in UAE range between AED 165,000 and AED 215,000. This particular car from Mizdawy Motors is priced at AED 189,000.

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