Ramadan 2023 — What You Should Do & What You Shouldn’t During The Holy Month

The Holy Month of Ramadan has begun. It is a much-revered period of fasting and holy practices widely celebrated by Muslims worldwide. The cultures and traditions differ slightly in some cases and majorly in others depending on the region. Here are some of the best cultural practices to be followed in the UAE during Ramadan.

Avoid Eating Or Drinking In Public

Not following this is somehow considered disrespectful. Many restaurants are even closed during the day to show respect and solidarity to those who are fasting. Several restaurants are completely shut during the day, but an increasing number of restaurants are permitted for takeaway or dining out of the view of the public. Even in a work environment, eating in front of those who are fasting is considered disrespectful.

Be A Giver

While Ramadan is usually associated with fasting and piety, it is equally about the importance of giving back to the community. The act of giving usually brings out the best in people and Ramadan is a great time to remember those who are less fortunate and those who are in need. So, this Ramadan, be good to others and give.

Be Courteous & Well-Behaved

During Ramadan, one is always expected to be nice not just to known people but also to strangers. Smiling and even wishing others ‘Ramadan Kareem’ or ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ is considered respectful and courteous behaviour. 

Playing loud music in a public space or even in your car is considered disrespectful because some Muslims choose not to listen to any music at all during the entire month. Public display of affection is also considered disrespectful and everyone is also expected to dress modestly.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue and more so during Ramadan. Fasting the entire day for a whole month is tough and can slow people down. So, one shouldn’t expect work to be done as quickly as any regular month of the year. So, when you are shopping, ordering, or asking for something, be patient. 

This especially applies to those who aren’t fasting and are ordering their lunch. The delivery personnel might be fasting and it is good to be excessively courteous to them. Always respect those who are making an effort to fast and practice these traditions. This also applies to driving during Ramadan. Many parts of Dubai might have congestion just before Iftar and one needs to be extra patient during the period.

Participate In Suhoor Or Iftar If Possible

Suhoor is the meal that is eaten before the day’s fast begins at dawn and Iftar is the meal that is eaten to end the fast after dusk. These meals are of incredible importance to the Muslim community and are considered social events. Non-muslims and those who aren’t fasting are usually welcome and encouraged to be a part of these meals.

They are usually lavish in nature, and most restaurants offer grand Iftar buffets, so if you get a chance, do participate in Suhoor or Iftar. If you are invited to an Iftar meal, it is not advisable to go empty-handed. A box of sweets or some dates are niceties to carry along.

Ramadan 2023 Iftar & Eid Al Fitr Timings In The UAE

There is a specific time to break the fast and this differs each day. Here are the Iftar timings for Ramadan 2023 in the UAE:

DateIftar Timing
23 March06:31 pm
24 March06:32 pm
25 March06:32 pm
26 March06:33 pm
27 March06:33 pm
28 March06:33 pm
29 March06:34 pm
30 March06:34 pm
31 March06:35 pm
01 April06:35 pm
02 April06:36 pm
03 April06:36 pm
04 April06:37 pm
05 April06:37 pm
06 April06:37 pm
07 April06:38 pm
08 April06:38 pm
09 April06:39 pm
10 April06:39 pm
11 April06:40 pm
12 April06:40 pm
13 April06:41 pm
14 April06:41 pm
15 April06:41 pm
16 April06:42 pm
17 April06:42 pm
18 April06:43 pm
19 April06:43 pm
20 April06:44 pm
21 April06:44 pm

Eid-Al-Fitr is a festival celebrated to mark the end of the month of Ramadan. In 2023, Eid-Al-Fir is expected on 21 April. It is a major festival in Islam and therefore, two days’ holidays will be declared. This will give UAE residents the first long weekend of the year between 20 and 23 April.

Make The Best Of Ramadan Sales, Discounts & Offers

Ramadan is probably the best time of the year to go shopping. Be it on FMCG products, luxury goods, or even cars, you are bound to find great offers and deals on anything you would want. The automobile industry is one of the largest in the UAE and there are over 18 manufacturers and 28 car dealers running various offers and discounts. 

Some of these dealers are even open until 12am during Ramadan. Here are the best automotive offers in the UAE this Ramadan. Once again, remember that most of the personnel at the car dealerships are fasting during the Holy Month and it is only right to be more courteous to them, especially if responses to inquiries are slower than usual.

Ramadan Work Hours & School Timings

In the UAE, during the month of Ramadan, schools and private offices see a two-hour reduction in work timing. This isn’t an internal policy. In fact, the government mandates reduced work hours for Muslims as well as non-muslims. This is done so that those who are fasting wouldn’t have to work long hours with the reduced energy that comes as a result of the fasting. While schools reduce the classes to five hours a day, workplaces stick to around six hours a day.

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