Dubai Autodrome & Yas Marina Circuit Line Up Events Throughout Ramadan 2023

This Ramadan, there are several events lined up at the Dubai Autodrome in Dubai and the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. While there are quite a few motoring-related events and things to do, there are also a few fitness activities to encourage walking, running, and cycling on the racetrack.

There are only 39 FIA Grade One racetracks in the world. FIA Grade One tracks are essentially the only tracks that can host an event that involves a Formula One car. Of the 39 in the world, there are two in the UAE — Dubai Autodrome & Yas Marina Circuit. The UAE is also the only country in the world in which you can travel from one FIA Grade One circuit to another, in just one hour.

This Ramadan, both racetracks have several events lined up for both motoring and fitness enthusiasts. 

Yas Marina Circuit

Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, the 5.2-kilometre-long Yas Marina Circuit is the premier racetrack in the UAE. It was designed by legendary F1 track designer Herman Tilke and was opened in 2009. Apart from hosting the well-known Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix, the circuit also hosts the Gulf 12 Hours, Asian Le Mans, 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi, Formula Middle East, etc.

This Ramadan, the Yas Marina Circuit is hosting events almost every single day. Motorsport events include Karting Competitions, either with family or friends or even with other competitors. DriveYas sessions include the opportunity to take on the Yas Marina circuit in one of the many high-performance cars.

You can even get to experience the YAS3000 Formula cars on the racetrack. If you don’t want to drive and yet want to get the experience of going around the racetrack at speed, the Yas Experience is the right program for you. Experienced Yas Marina Circuit drivers will take you on a few hot laps around the track in either a Caterham Seven or an Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio. If your preference is electric mobility, you can drive the impressive and super-quick Porsche Taycan around the circuit. 

In addition, the Yas Marina Circuit is hosting the Yas Super Street Challenge during the weekends to bring more drag racing enthusiasts into the fold. Participants can enter with their car or motorcycle into one or more of the many categories in the event.

A lesser-known fact is that the Yas Marina Circuit is also a health and fitness hub. The track hosts running, cycling, and swimming events throughout the year. During Ramadan, the frequency of these events has increased. 

With programs like DuYAS, RunYAS, and TrainYAS, participants and members can opt to take part in various cycling, running, walking, swimming, and duathlon events at the racetrack. If you’re interested in taking part in one of the many events aforementioned, check out the Yas Marina Circuit website for more details and registrations.

Dubai Autodrome

Located in Motor City, Dubai, the Dubai Autodrome is the older of the two racetracks in the country. Designed by Clive Bowen, the Dubai Autodrome was opened in 2004 and the track currently hosts events like Dubai 24 Hour, Asian Le Mans, Formula Middle East, etc.

In addition, several private events like the recently concluded Ferrari Racing Days, Ferrari GT Experience, etc, are hosted at the circuit. The well-known Dubai Kartdrome is also a part of the Dubai Autodrome. 

On all weekends during Ramadan 2023, the Dubai Autodrome is hosting Roll Racing DXB during the night. It is a rolling-start drag racing event wherein competitors go head-to-head in multiple segments to test just how quickly their car or motorcycle can cover the quarter mile.

In addition, the Dubai Autodrome is also hosting the Ramadan Challenge on all four weekends of the Holy Month. Divided into the Junior and Senior categories, the Ramadan Challenge is one wherein, participants will race on the Sodi karts. The Dubai Autodrome will provide karts, suits, gloves, and helmets to participants. You can register for the Ramadan Challenge on the Dubai Autodrome website.

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